MSCI 6001. Principles of Healthcare Advocacy. (3 Hours)

Seeks to prepare healthcare leaders in legislative advocacy and self-advocacy. Legislative advocacy examines relevant health policy research and analysis. Explores self-advocacy aspects within an organization, including communication, interpersonal relationships, and project leadership. Offers students an opportunity to successfully engage in political discussion and advocate for ideas as leaders.

MSCI 6002. Workforce Metrics: Measuring, Comparing, and Privileging the Interprofessional Healthcare Team. (3 Hours)

Introduces fundamentals of metrics and analysis surrounding productivity, outcomes, competencies, and retention in a healthcare workforce. Emphasizes applied methodology. Examines dashboard anatomy, metric categories, dashboard analysis, the clinical competency-dashboard relationship, and special considerations for healthcare metric tracking.

MSCI 6003. Healthcare Leadership Seminar. (3 Hours)

Surveys general leadership theory, knowledge, and skills to gain insight into differing leadership theories. Emphasizes knowledge and skill in essential healthcare leadership practices such as vision, planning, decision making, communication, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, motivating and developing others, mentorship, ethical practice, and culture change.

MSCI 6900. Research Methods and Design. (3 Hours)

Surveys the principles essential to conduct ethical research in medical sciences. Explores and critically evaluates the concepts, methods, and applications of research and research methods. Offers students an opportunity to propose and develop a research project to inform an important healthcare issue influencing the practice, administration, or policies of healthcare.

MSCI 7990. Thesis. (3 Hours)

Offers students an opportunity to successfully develop and complete the Doctor of Medical Science thesis. The thesis project focuses on healthcare-related research, leadership issues, policy development, management, service delivery, or evaluation.

Prerequisite(s): MSCI 6900 with a minimum grade of B-

MSCI 7996. Thesis Continuation. (0 Hours)

Offers continuing thesis supervision by members of the department.

Prerequisite(s): MSCI 7990 with a minimum grade of IP