Science and Technology Studies, Minor

The science and technology studies (STS) minor offers an interdisciplinary program of study focused on the critical role of science and technology in contemporary societies. Rather than viewing science and technology as autonomous or self-generating domains, STS traces the complex interplay that exists between science and technology and the social, political, and cultural contexts in which they are formed. Combining coursework in such fields as sociology, history, philosophy, engineering, and the humanities, the STS program offers students an opportunity to obtain a deeper understanding of the norms, values, and beliefs that often lie hidden within scientific knowledge and engineering designs. In this way, the program is designed to equip students to anticipate and address the many ethical and policy dilemmas that scientific and engineering knowledge provoke, especially as these bear on health, the environment, and community life around the world.

The STS minor is relevant for students embarking on STEM careers as well as those majoring in social science or humanities fields. The curriculum is flexible, enabling students to customize their studies in accordance with their individual interests.

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated. Also complete any corequisite labs, recitations, clinicals, or tools courses where specified.

Required Course

SOCL 3485Environment, Technology, and Society4
or HIST 2220 History of Technology

STS Electives

Foundational Requirement
Complete one 1000–2000-level course from the following:4
How Cities Work: Experiencing Urban Infrastructure
Natural Disasters and Catastrophes
Gender, Race, and Medicine
The History of Medicine in North America
Technology and Human Values
Information and Uncertainty
Science, Technology, and Public Policy
The Twenty-First-Century Workplace
Digital Feminisms
Advanced Electives
Complete two of the following:8
Wired/Unwired: Cybercultures and Technopolitics
Technologies of Text
Philosophy of Science
Energy Democracy and Climate Resilience: Technology, Policy, and Social Change
Computers and Society

GPA Requirement

2.000 GPA required in the minor