Ethics, Minor

The philosophy and religion department offers a minor in ethics for students who are interested in exploring the ethical dimensions of contemporary issues. From medicine and the environment to business and religion, the minor provides a range of courses that speak to issues you care about and provides you with the tools to explore them. The minor includes courses in ethical theory (e.g., moral philosophy, social and political philosophy, and philosophical problems of law and justice); applied ethics (e.g., environmental ethics, business ethics, moral and social problems in health care, and technology and human values); and religious ethics (e.g., ethics east and west and cults and sects). It emphasizes developing critical analytical and evaluative skills.

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated. Also complete any corequisite labs, recitations, clinicals, or tools courses where specified.

Required Courses

Complete four courses from the following list, two of which must be at or above the 2000 level:16
Introduction to Contemporary Moral Issues
Introduction to World Religions
Understanding the Bible
Ethics: East and West
Technology and Human Values
Sex, Power, and Oppression: An Introduction
Introduction to Human Rights
Human Rights through Film: Witnessing Human Suffering
Global Charities: Solution or Problem?
Introduction to Economic Justice
Ethics and Philosophy through Sport
Moral and Social Problems in Healthcare
Business Ethics
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Ethics Abroad
The Ethics of Food
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Abrahamic Religions
Sex in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Ethics in the World’s Religions
Hinduism, Buddhism, and Beyond: Eastern Religions
Indian Religions
Encountering Islam: Traditions, Debates, and Crosscultural Diversity
Chinese Philosophy and Religion
The Problem of Evil in Film
Science Fiction and Film: Moral Dilemmas and Ethical Analysis
Ethics and Evolutionary Games
Philosophical Problems of Law and Justice
Philosophical Problems of War and Peace
Social and Political Philosophy
Ancient Philosophy and Political Thought
Chinese Buddhism
Japanese Buddhism
Moral Philosophy
Advanced Medical Ethics
Environmental Philosophy
Cults and Sects
Religion and Politics in South Asia
Global Justice
Ethics, Justice, and Global Climate Change
Comparative Religious Ethics

GPA Requirement

2.000 GPA required in the minor