International Affairs with Asian Studies Concentration, BA

Note: Students double majoring in international affairs and political science may only count two political science courses toward the international affairs major. 

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated. Also complete any corequisite labs, recitations, clinicals, or tools courses where specified and complete any additional courses needed beyond specific college and major requirements to satisfy graduation credit requirements.

University-Wide Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the University-Wide Requirements.

NUpath Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the NUpath Requirements.

BA Language Requirements

All BA students are required to complete the BA language requirements.

International Affairs Major Requirements

Required Courses
ANTH 1101Peoples and Cultures4
ASNS 1150East Asian Studies4
ECON 1115Principles of Macroeconomics4
or ECON 1116 Principles of Microeconomics
HIST 2211The World Since 19454
INTL 1101Globalization and International Affairs4
INTL 3400International Conflict and Negotiation4
POLS 1155Comparative Politics4
Asian Studies Regional Analysis Courses
Select courses taken during a study abroad or specific Dialogue of Civilizations courses may count as regional analysis courses pending approval of the international affairs head faculty advisor. See department for additional courses.
Complete four of the following, at least two of which must be numbered 2000 or above:16
Ethnography of Southeast Asia
Ethnography of Southeast Asia
East Asian Studies
Issues in Modern and Contemporary Asia
Modern Chinese History and Culture
Introduction to Chinese Popular Culture
Introduction to Japanese Pop Culture
Chinese Film: Gender and Ethnicity
Introduction to South Asian History
Japanese Literature and Culture
History of Vietnam Wars
Mao’s China and After
Modern Chinese History and Culture
Modern Japan
Dictators and Democracy in Japan and Korea
Global Chinese Migration
East Asian Cultural History Abroad
China: Governance and Foreign Policy
Hinduism, Buddhism, and Beyond: Eastern Religions
Chinese Philosophy and Religion
Chinese Buddhism
Japanese Buddhism
Religion and Politics in South Asia
Global Dynamics
POLS 1160International Relations4
Complete one of the following: 14
Global Population and Development
Religion in International Affairs
Politics of Islam and Gender
Women and World Politics
Women and World Politics
Cities in a Global Context
Transnational Activism in Global Civil Society
Dialogue of Civilizations: Global Issues in Comparative Perspective
Political Economy: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Foundations of Black Culture 2
The Black Experience in the Caribbean
Contemporary Issues: Race, Science, and Technology
Globalism, Racism, and Human Rights
Epidemiology of Pandemic Diseases and Health Disparities in the African Diaspora
Peoples and Cultures
Global Markets and Local Culture
Religion and Modernity
Urban Anthropology
Anthropology of Travel and Tourism
Global and Intercultural Communication
Global Media
Global and Intercultural Media
Comparative Analysis of the Lusophone World and Culture
Political Crime and Terrorism
History of the Global Economy
Development Economics
International Food Economics and Policy
International Economics
Postcolonial Literature
Global Social Enterprise
Global Entrepreneurship
Global Climate Change
Sustainable Development
Introduction to World History
Pirates, Planters, and Patriots: Making the Americas, 1492–1804
The World Since 1945
War in the Modern World
Global Migration
Approaches to World History
Comparative Urban Histories
Radicals, Terrorists, and Insurgents
Global Environmental History
Global Chinese Migration
International Human Services
International Business and Global Social Responsibility
International Business and Global Social Responsibility
Cultural Aspects of International Business
Covering Conflicts: Peace, War, and the Media
Covering Conflicts: Peace, War, and the Media
Global Reporting
Global Human Rights: A Social and Economic Perspective
Introduction to World Music
Global Pop Music
Introduction to Human Rights
Philosophical Problems of War and Peace
Global Justice
Ethics, Justice, and Global Climate Change
Global Health
Comparative Politics
International Relations
Religion and Politics
International Political Economy
International Law
International Organizations
International Security
Nontraditional Security Issues
Ethnic Political Violence
U.S. National Security Policy
Revolution, Civil War, and Insurrection
Politics of Developing Nations
Democracy in Comparative Politics
Model United Nations
Model NATO
Dialogue of Civilizations: International Politics Abroad
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Abrahamic Religions
Sex in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Ethics in the World’s Religions
Environment and Society
Globalization and Social Change
Globalization and the Evolution of Human Societies
Social Conflict and Community Services Abroad
Political Ecology and Environmental Justice
Senior Seminar/Experiential Learning
INTL 4700Senior Capstone Seminar in International Affairs4
International Experience in Asia
Complete at least one “international semester” via study abroad, international internship, two Dialogue of Civilizations programs, or international co-op. International students may be exempt from the semester abroad (subject to advisor approval).
Foreign Language Requirement
Complete language course work in Chinese or Japanese through at least intermediate-level two. Note: Completing this requirement satisfies the language requirement for the BA degree.

Courses used to fulfill major requirements may not be used to satisfy the global dynamics requirement. The World Since 1945 (HIST 2211), Peoples and Cultures (ANTH 1101), and Comparative Politics (POLS 1155) may not be used as global dynamics courses. See department for additional courses.

International Affairs Major Credit/GPA Requirement

Complete 60 semester hours in the major with a 2.000 GPA.

Upper-Division Electives

Complete three general electives numbered 3000 or above.

Program Requirement

128 total semester hours required