Criminal Justice and Journalism, BS

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice and School of Journalism offer a combined major in criminal justice and journalism. Criminology and criminal justice courses provide a foundation for understanding crime and our criminal justice system. Journalism courses provide students with the skills and experience needed to succeed as a journalist. Together, the combined major prepares students to report important stories about crime and justice.  

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated. Also complete any corequisite labs, recitations, clinicals, or tools courses where specified and complete any additional courses needed beyond specific college and major requirements to satisfy graduation credit requirements.

University-Wide Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the University-Wide Requirements.

NUpath Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the NUpath Requirements.

Experiential Liberal Arts

All undergraduate students in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities are required to complete the Experiential Liberal Arts Requirement.

Criminal Justice Requirements

Criminal Justice Required Courses
CRIM 1100Introduction to Criminal Justice4
CRIM 2100Criminal Due Process4
CRIM 2200Criminology4
CRIM 3600Criminal Justice Research Methods4
CRIM 3700Criminal Justice Statistics4
CRIM 4949Senior Capstone Seminar4
Thematic Elective
Complete one course in the following range:4
Survey Elective
Complete one course in the following range:4
System-Wide Elective
Complete one course in the following range:4
Criminal Justice Elective
Complete one additional CRIM course.4

Journalism Requirements

Introductory Journalism Course
JRNL 1150Understanding Today’s News4
Journalism Foundation Courses
A grade of C or better is required.
JRNL 1101
and JRNL 1102
Journalism 1: Fundamentals of Reporting
and Journalist’s Toolbox
JRNL 2201Journalism 2: Intermediate Reporting4
JRNL 2301Visual Storytelling in Journalism4
JRNL 3610Digital Storytelling and Social Media4
JRNL 4650Ethics and Issues in Journalism4

Journalism Electives

Complete three additional journalism courses.12

Supporting Courses

CRIM 1000Criminal Justice at Northeastern1
or JRNL 1000 Journalism at Northeastern
Computer or Data Science
Complete one of the following:4
Computer Science and Its Applications
Programming with Data
and Data Science Programming Practicum
JRNL 3700
Co-op Integration Requirements
Complete before the first co-op:1
Professional Development for Co-op
Professional Development for Co-op
Complete after a criminal justice co-op:1
Co-op Integration Seminar 2

Integrative Requirements

JRNL 3550The First Amendment and the Media4
CRIM 1700Crime, Media, and Politics4

Program Requirement

128 total semester hours required

Four Years, Two Co-ops

Year 1
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1HoursSummer 2Hours
CRIM 1000 or JRNL 10001JRNL 1101
and JRNL 1102
CRIM 11004CRIM thematic elective4 Elective4
JRNL 11504Elective4  
CS 1100 or DS 20004Elective4  
 17 17 0 8
Year 2
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1HoursSummer 2Hours
CRIM 21004Co-opCo-opCRIM survey elective4
CRIM 22004  Elective4
JRNL 22014   
Journalism elective4   
EESH 2000 or EEAM 20001   
 17 0 0 8
Year 3
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1HoursSummer 2Hours
CRIM 17004Co-opCo-opElective4
CRIM 36004  Elective4
JRNL 23014   
Journalism elective4   
CRIM 30001   
 17 0 0 8
Year 4
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1Hours 
JRNL 35504JRNL 36104Elective4 
Journalism elective4JRNL 46504  
CRIM 37004CRIM 49494  
CRIM system-wide elective4CRIM elective4  
 16 16 4 
Total Hours: 128