Mathematics and Psychology, BS

In the mathematics and psychology combined-major BS program, psychology and mathematics courses help lay the groundwork for strong basic training that seeks to prepare the student toward developing psychological models using mathematics.

Mathematics Requirements

Problem Solving
MATH 1365Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning4
MATH 1341Calculus 1 for Science and Engineering4
MATH 1342Calculus 2 for Science and Engineering4
MATH 2321Calculus 3 for Science and Engineering4
Intermediate and Advanced Mathematics
MATH 2341Differential Equations and Linear Algebra for Engineering4
MATH 2331Linear Algebra4
MATH 3081Probability and Statistics4
Math Electives
Complete two courses in the following range that are not required in the requirements above:8
MATH 3001 to MATH 5999

Psychology Requirements 

Required Courses
PSYC 1101Foundations of Psychology4
PSYC 2320Statistics in Psychological Research4
Area A (Personality/Social Basis of Behavior)
Complete two of the following:8
Social Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Area B (Biological/Cognitive Basis of Behavior)
Complete two of the following:8
Learning and Motivation
Sensation and Perception
Biological Psychology
Psychology of Language
Psychology Laboratory
Complete one of the following:4
Laboratory in Research Design
Laboratory in Biological Psychology
Laboratory in Psycholinguistics
Laboratory in Cognition
Laboratory in Social Psychology
Laboratory in Personality
Laboratory in Sensation and Perception
Laboratory in Affective Science
Laboratory in Life-Span Emotional Development
Laboratory in Developmental Psychology
Psychology Capstone Requirement
Complete one of the following:4
Seminar in Behavioral Modification
Seminar in Biological Psychology
Seminar in Psycholinguistics
Seminar in Cognition
Seminar in Personality
Seminar in Social Psychology
Seminar in Clinical Psychology
Seminar in Sensation and Perception
Seminar in Cognitive Neuroscience
Seminar in Developmental Psychology
Seminar in Social and Affective Neuroscience
Psychology Elective
Any PSYC course in the 3000 range and up4

Integrative Requirement 

PSYC 4540Quantitative Topics in Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience4

Mathematics and Psychology Combined-Major Credit Requirement

Complete 76 semester hours in the major.

Program Requirement

128 total semester hours required

Year 1
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1HoursSummer 2Hours
MATH 13654MATH 13414VacationVacation
PSYC 11014PSYC Area A4  
NUpath EI 4Open elective4  
ENGW 11114NUpath IC4  
MATH 1000 or PSYC 1000 1   
 17 16 0 0
Year 2
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1HoursSummer 2Hours
MATH 13424MATH 23214VacationCo-op
PSYC 23204PSYC Area A4  
PSYC Area B 4Open elective4  
NUpath DD4MATH elective4  
 EESC 20001  
 16 17 0 0
Year 3
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1HoursSummer 2Hours
Co-opMATH 23314MATH 23414Co-op
 PSYC Area B4Adv writing4 
 PSYC elective4  
 Open elective4  
 0 16 8 0
Year 4
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1HoursSummer 2Hours
Co-opPSYC lab4Open elective4Co-op
 MATH 30814Open elective4 
 PSYC 45404  
 NUpath ER4  
 0 16 8 0
Year 5
Co-opPSYC seminar4  
 MATH elective4  
 Open elective4  
 Open elective4  
 0 16  
Total Hours: 130