Biology and Mathematics, BS

In the BS, combined biology and mathematics degree program, science courses lay the groundwork for strong basic training in mathematics, chemistry, and physics that are relevant to biology. In biology courses, students broadly explore the organization and processes of life—from molecules and cells through organs and organ systems to populations, ecosystems, and evolution. In mathematics courses, students pursue mathematical reasoning, differential equations, and linear algebra, as well as statistics and probability. The fields of biology and mathematics are integrated in a range of course offerings including bioinformatics, applied statistics, advanced genomics, and biological imaging.

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated. Also complete any corequisite labs, recitations, clinicals, or tools courses where specified and complete any additional courses needed beyond specific college and major requirements to satisfy graduation credit requirements.

University-Wide Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the University-Wide Requirements.

NUpath Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the NUpath Requirements.

Biology Requirements

Introduction to College
BIOL 1000Biology at Northeastern1
or MATH 1000 Mathematics at Northeastern
BIOL 1107
and BIOL 1108
Foundations of Biology
and Lab for BIOL 1107
BIOL 2299Inquiries in Biological Sciences4
BIOL 2301
and BIOL 2302
Genetics and Molecular Biology
and Lab for BIOL 2301
Project Lab
BIOL 2309Biology Project Lab4
General Chemistry
CHEM 1161
and CHEM 1162
and CHEM 1163
General Chemistry for the Biological Sciences
and Lab for CHEM 1161
and Recitation for CHEM 1161
Organic Chemistry
CHEM 2311
and CHEM 2312
Organic Chemistry 1
and Lab for CHEM 2311
CHEM 2313
and CHEM 2314
Organic Chemistry 2
and Lab for CHEM 2313
BIOL 3611
and BIOL 3612
and Lab for BIOL 3611
Organismal and Population Biology Elective
Complete one of the following:4-5
Human Parasitology
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
Animal Behavior
Current Topics in Organismal and Population Biology
and Lab for BIOL 3421
and Lab for EEMB 2302
Introduction to Evolution
Invertebrate Zoology
and Lab for EEMB 2616
Marine Biology
and Lab for EEMB 2700
Conservation Biology

Mathematics Requirements

Calculus 1
MATH 1341Calculus 1 for Science and Engineering4
or MATH 1251 Calculus and Differential Equations for Biology 1
Calculus 2 and Calculus 3
MATH 1342Calculus 2 for Science and Engineering4
or MATH 1252 Calculus and Differential Equations for Biology 2
MATH 2321Calculus 3 for Science and Engineering4
PHYS 1161
and PHYS 1162
Physics 1
and Lab for PHYS 1161
Required Mathematics Courses
MATH 1365Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning4
MATH 2341Differential Equations and Linear Algebra for Engineering4
MATH 3081Probability and Statistics4
Mathematics Electives
Complete three of the following:12
Linear Algebra
MATH 3001 to MATH 4899

Additional Requirements

Experiential Learning Introduction
EESC 2000Professional Development for Co-op1
MATH 3000Co-op and Experiential Learning Reflection Seminar 11
Complete one of the following:4
Biology Capstone
Research Capstone
Applied Mathematics Capstone
Introduction to Mathematical Methods and Modeling
Biology/Mathematics Integrative Courses
Complete two of the following:8-10
Fundamentals of Computer Science 1
and Lab for CS 2500
Fundamentals of Computer Science 2
and Lab for CS 2510
Advanced Microbiology
Biological Imaging
Advanced Genomics
Statistics and Stochastic Processes
Applied Statistics
Bioinformatics Computational Methods 1
Bioinformatics Computational Methods 2
Intermediate or Advanced Science
Complete one course from the following:4
BIOL 2301 to BIOL 5999
CHEM 2311 to CHEM 5999
EEMB 2290 to EEMB 5999
ENVR 2310 to ENVR 5999
MATH 2280 to MATH 5999
PHYS 2303 to PHYS 5999
PSYC 2290 to PSYC 5999
Writing Requirement
ENGW 3307Advanced Writing in the Sciences4

Biology and Mathematics Combined-Major Credit/GPA Requirements

Complete 93 semester hours in the major with a cumulative GPA of 2.000.

Program Requirements

143 total semester hours required