Marine Sciences, Minor

The marine science minor is designed to provide Northeastern undergraduates with a strong foundation in the marine sciences, while offering the opportunity to obtain concrete skills that will enhance employability. Our minor curriculum also offers the flexibility to take classes in the area of greatest interest to the student and provides hands-on training in foundation marine science courses.

Required Courses

EEMB 1101
and EEMB 1102
Foundations in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
and Lab for EEMB 1101
ENVR 3600Oceanography4
or ENVR 3125 Global Oceanic Change

Skills Course

Complete one of the following:4-5
Introduction to Environmental, Social, and Biological Data
and Lab for ENVR 1500
and Lab for ENVR 2500
Geographic Information Systems
and Lab for ENVR 3300
Networks and Natural Systems

Elective Courses

Complete three of the following:11-15
Fisheries Biology, Policy, and Conservation
Marine Biology
and Lab for EEMB 2700
Global Oceanic Change
Coastal Sustainability: Ecology and Coupled Human-Natural Systems in Southeast Asia
Coastal Sustainability: The Blue Economy of the Gulf of Maine
Physiological Adaptations to the Environment
Ancient Marine Life
and Lab for ENVR 5242
Courses offered in Nahant, MA:
Experimental Design Marine Ecology
and Lab for EEMB 5522
Marine Invertebrate Zoology and Botany
and Lab for EEMB 5534
Ocean and Coastal Sustainability

GPA Requirement

2.000 GPA required in the minor