Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Minor

The ecology and evolutionary biology minor is designed to provide students a foundation in the principles of ecology and evolutionary biology, as well as to provide concrete skills that will help students achieve their career goals. 

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated. Also complete any corequisite labs, recitations, clinicals, or tools courses where specified.


Minor not available for students who major in marine biology.

Required Courses

EEMB 1101
and EEMB 1102
Foundations in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
and Lab for EEMB 1101
EEMB 1105
and EEMB 1106
Foundations in Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics
and Lab for EEMB 1105

Elective Courses

Complete four courses from the lists below. At least one course needs to come from each list:
Evolution of Organisms
EEMB 2400Introduction to Evolution4
EEMB 2290Ecology and Evolution of Behavior4
EEMB 2700
and EEMB 2701
Marine Biology
and Lab for EEMB 2700
EEMB 3465Ecological and Conservation Genomics4
EEMB 4010Biology of Mammals4
Ecology and Conservation Biology
EEMB 2302
and EEMB 2303
and Lab for EEMB 2302
EEMB 3460Conservation Biology4
EEMB 3475Wildlife Ecology4
EEMB 4001Landscape and Restoration Ecology4
EEMB 4000Applied Conservation Biology4
Analytical Skills
ENVR 2500
and ENVR 2501
and Lab for ENVR 2500
ENVR 1500
and ENVR 1501
Introduction to Environmental, Social, and Biological Data
and Lab for ENVR 1500
ENVR 3300
and ENVR 3301
Geographic Information Systems
and Lab for ENVR 3300
EEMB 3465Ecological and Conservation Genomics4
EEMB 3555Networks and Natural Systems4
EEMB 5130Ecological Dynamics4

GPA Requirement

2.000 GPA required in the minor