International Business

The concentration in international business is designed for students interested in developing their knowledge and skills related to doing business in the global economy. The development of a deeper understanding of international business will be crucial in the future. Subject matter covered in this concentration focuses on topics such as the cultural, economic, technological, and political aspects of varying national business environments and their impact on international business operations. Students are exposed to a variety of key international business concepts ranging from strategic planning in the global arena to managing behavior and interpersonal relations. Additional topics include international trade theory, national trade policies, foreign market analysis, managing technological issues, and international strategic management.

From a job placement perspective, few firms today operate or compete exclusively in domestic markets. Possessing a knowledge of how people, firms, and institutions interact across borders provides international business concentrators  with a competitive edge. This concentration pairs well with other D'Amore-McKim concentrations such as finance, marketing, and supply chain, among others.

Concentration in International Business

Note: Students may double count up to one course in another business concentration.

Required Courses
INTB 1203International Business and Global Social Responsibility4
or INTB 1209 International Business and Global Social Responsibility
Complete one or both of the following:4-8
Competing to Win in Emerging Markets
Cultural Aspects of International Business
Complete two of the following courses (one if both courses above selected). 4-8
Note: One course can also count toward a different business concentration.
Managing Internationally
Managing the International Assignment
International Business Management and Environment
Executing Global Strategy
International Functional Knowledge
Global Social Enterprise
Global Entrepreneurship
International Financial Management
International Marketing
Global Supply Chain Strategy
Contextual Experience
Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development in India
Electives not listed may be approved via the undergraduate dean’s office.