Entrepreneurial Startups

A startup is a young company founded by one or more entrepreneurs in order to develop a product or service and bring it to market. Startups can be technology-intensive with novel products or use existing technologies to create new variations or combinations. The entrepreneurial startups concentration is designed to prepare students from any background or area of study with the perspective, knowledge, and skills necessary to conceptualize, launch, manage, and grow a new business. It will also equip them with an understanding of the advantages and challenges of a startup they may work for. Students have an opportunity to learn to shape entrepreneurial opportunities, assess feasibility, raise funds, and develop other skills needed to open, manage, and grow a new business venture. Students are exposed to innovation, marketing, and business modeling as they work in interdisciplinary teams to develop business plans. This concentration seeks students with career aspirations that involve starting a new venture or working in a startup.

Concentration in Entrepreneurial Startups

Required Courses
ENTR 2301Innovation!4
ENTR 4501Advanced Studies in Entrepreneurial Startups4
Complete two electives, one of which may come from the Additional Electives list:8
Marketing Strategies for Startups
Business Model Innovation for Entrepreneurs
Lean Design and Rapid Prototyping
Additional Electives
Global Social Enterprise
Understanding Family Enterprise
Industry Disruption and Corporate Transformation
Special Topics in Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial Finance, Innovation Valuation, and Private Equity
Negotiating in Business
One course from an approved Dialogue may count toward an elective.