Public Policy Analysis, Graduate Certificate

Christopher Bosso, PhD
Graduate Program Director
310 Renaissance Park

Louis DaRos
Graduate Program Administrator
310 Renaissance Park

CSSH Graduate General Regulations

The Graduate Certificate in Public Policy Analysis seeks to provide current Northeastern students in a variety of graduate programs outside of the Master of Public Policy program with the tools necessary to analyze and to shape public policy at the local, state, and national levels. Students have an opportunity to gain an understanding of the political and legal processes of policymaking, develop skills central to conducting research on policy questions, and learn techniques for evaluating the effectiveness of competing policies.

Academic Standing/Progress 

Students in the program are monitored for academic progress. Those students whose grade-point average (GPA) falls below a 3.000 are notified by and meet with the director of academic programs. They are counseled that if their GPA does not rise to a 3.000 or higher, they run the risk of not graduating and are advised on strategies for improvement. 

Core Requirements *

Analysis Methods and Skills
Complete 8 semester hours from the following:8
Economic Institutions and Analysis
Strategizing Public Policy
Techniques of Policy Analysis
Ecological Economics
Dynamic Modeling for Environmental Decision Making
Big Data for Cities
Geographic Information Systems for Urban and Regional Policy
Information Design and Visual Analytics
Research Design and Methodology in Urban and Regional Policy
Techniques of Program Evaluation
Advanced Spatial Analysis of Urban Systems
Complete 4 semester hours from the following:4
Energy Transitions and Climate Resilience: Technology, Policy, and Social Change
Food Systems and Public Policy
Institutions and Public Policy
Housing Policy
Transportation Policy
Immigration and Urban America
Land Use and Urban Growth Policy
Problems in Metropolitan Policymaking
Health Policy and Politics
Comparative Public Policy and Administration
Education Policy in the United States
* Students cannot double count required degree courses for the certificate.

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

12 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required