Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning Through Research

215 Snell Library
617.373.7779 (fax)

The Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning Through Research supports graduate students at Northeastern University in their roles as teaching assistants, instructors, and future faculty. We provide a range of opportunities for graduate students to develop their teaching practices in ways that enhance student learning and that are grounded in the learning sciences research. The center offers:

  • Workshops in which graduate students explore specific topics in teaching and learning
  • Classroom observations and student focus groups in which graduate students receive and reflect on feedback on their teaching
  • One-on-one consultations in which graduate students can discuss any aspect of teaching and learning, such as writing a teaching statement and designing teaching materials and activities
  • Future Faculty Program for Teaching in Higher Education in which graduate students prepare for the teaching responsibilities of a faculty career

All of the center’s services are provided on a formative and confidential basis. While we work with and provide feedback to graduate students as they design teaching materials and reflect on their own practices, we do not evaluate graduate students. Furthermore, we do not provide any information about feedback and consultation services, or even that such a service was provided, without the express consent of the graduate student who has used these services.