Living in Boston

Boston is an exciting city and a great place for students to explore and learn, both on and off campus. For links to off-campus support services, Boston neighborhoods, off-campus apartment listings, renters' rights information, and citywide events, visit the links below.  

Off Campus Student Services

151 Speare Commons

Off Campus Student Services provides a wide range of support services, information, resources, and educational workshops for students who are interested in living off campus or who already live off campus.

Off Campus Student Services provides assistance in searching for off-campus housing, finding roommates, making connections to area real estate agents and landlords, reading your lease, and expertise in renters' rights and responsibilities. Our extensive website offers a host of resources including an apartment search database, information on neighborhoods and transportation, and on-campus and City of Boston resources and services.

Off Campus Student Services publishes an e-newsletter that provides valuable tips and information on upcoming programs and events both on campus and off campus. Individuals interested in receiving our newsletter can email us at or stop into 151 Speare Commons Monday through Friday.

For more information, visit the Off Campus Student Services website.