University Travel

Northeastern University is committed to the health, safety, and security of its students and all other members of the university community. As a global institution, our university members undertake university travel around the world in pursuit of teaching, research, consulting, service, cocurricular activities, and work intended to advance learning and the interests of the university. The university supports standards and expectations associated with travel that are designed to reduce personal and university risk.

To enhance the health and safety of our students, you are required to comply with the university travel policies when undertaking  university travel. 

In order to provide assistance and support to you while traveling abroad, the university maintains a travel registry. In advance of planned university travel, students are required to enter their travel plans along with other requested information into the travel registry. To access the registry, go to the myNortheastern web portal, “Services and Links,” and navigate to My Travel Plans to register your travel. 

Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the university travel policies and are encouraged to visit the university's travel support website for guidance. If you have questions related to travel or travel support, please email If you need assistance during university travel, please call the university's 24-hour travel assistant line at +1.857.214.5332.