Grade Table

Grades are officially recorded by letters, evaluated as follows:

Letter Grade Numerical Equivalent Explanation
A 4.000 Outstanding achievement
A– 3.667
B+ 3.333
B 3.000 Good achievement
B– 2.667
C+ 2.333
C 2.000 Satisfactory achievement
C– 1.667
D+ 1.333 Undergraduate only
D 1.000 Undergraduate only/Poor achievement
D– 0.667 Undergraduate only
F 0.000 Failure
I Incomplete
IP In progress
CR Credit (School of Law only)
HH High Honor (School of Law only)
H Honor (School of Law only)
P Pass (School of Law only)
MP Marginal Pass (School of Law only)
NE Not enrolled
NG Grade not reported by faculty
S Satisfactory (pass/fail basis; counts toward total degree requirements)
U Unsatisfactory (pass/fail basis)
X Incomplete (pass/fail basis)
L Audit (no credit given)
T Transfer
W Course withdrawal

An I, IP, or X grade shows that the student has not completed the course requirements.

The IP grade is intended for courses that extend over several terms. The time restrictions on the incomplete grade do not apply to the IP grade. While the IP grade is left unchanged, it is not included in computing the grade-point average. If the IP grade is never changed, the course does not count toward graduation requirements.

Course Comments

The following notations may also appear on the student's transcript:

E Course excluded from GPA
HON Honors-level course
I Course included in GPA


Numerical equivalents for scholastic averages are weighted according to the number of hours the course carries. For example, suppose a student receives a grade of B in a course carrying 4 semester hours and a grade of A in a course carrying 1 semester hour. The weightings for these example courses are as follows:

Grade Numerical Equivalent Semester Hours Weight
B 3.000 4 12
A 4.000 1 4
Totals: 5 16

The GPA for both courses would then be the total weight (16) divided by the total semester hours (5), or 3.200. Grades of I, IP, S, U, and X are not included in the calculation of the GPA. See Grade Table for a complete list of grades and numerical equivalents.