Your total tuition due for the semester is dependent upon the total number of credit hours in which you are enrolled. Course tuition is assessed just prior to the start of each class. Fees typically are assessed each semester.

To calculate the total tuition for an individual class, you would multiply the total number of credit hours for the course by the cost per credit hour.

Example: The 2023–2024 tuition for an on-campus undergraduate class that is 3 semester hours is $541 × 3 = $1,623.

Please note the different price structure for different types of courses, e.g., lecture vs. lab.

College of Professional Studies Undergraduate Tuition Rates (2023–2024)

These tuition rates are for the 2023–2024 academic year, which begins with the fall 2023 semester. For a complete listing of tuition and fee rates, visit the College of Professional Studies website. Tuition and fees are subject to revision by the president and Board of Trustees at any time.

Course Type Tuition per Credit Hour
Undergraduate CPS course $541
Lab course (science lab or writing lab) $781


  • Campus Recreation Fee: An $18 per semester campus recreation fee will be assessed for all students at Northeastern University’s Boston Huntington Avenue campus. This fee covers admission to home athletic events, use of the Marino Fitness Center, SquashBusters athletic facility, and the Cabot Gym (fitness and pool). This fee will also support the maintenance of existing athletic fields and facilities.

Military Tuition Rate

Undergraduate students who are enrolled in a bachelor’s completion program through the College of Professional Studies and are actively serving in the U.S. military, or the current spouse of an active servicemember, will be eligible for a special Military Tuition Rate of $250 per semester hour. Students receiving the Military Tuition Rate are required to recertify their status as actively serving in the U.S. military (or their spousal eligibility) on a yearly basis. Students who fail to complete the yearly recertification process by the end of the add/drop period of the fall semester will be assessed the standard CPS undergraduate per-credit tuition rate. The full policy and eligibility requirements can be found at the university’s support site for U.S. military-affiliated students.