General Information

Since September 1989, Massachusetts law (M.G.L. c.15A, § 18) has required every full-time and part-time student enrolled in a certificate, diploma, or degree-granting program in a Massachusetts institution of higher learning to participate in a Student Health Plan or in a health benefit plan with comparable coverage.

The Student Health Plan defines a full-time student as having full-time student status and enrolled in any amount of credits of a full-time curriculum.

The Student Health Plan defines a part-time student as having part-time student status and enrolled in at least 75 percent of credits of the full-time curriculum (CPS undergraduate students 9 credits, CPS graduate students, 6 credits).

The health fee is assessed each term on a student’s account based on these definitions unless the student has previously waived the health plan fee in the current academic year.

Students on co-op or on study abroad are considered active students and will be enrolled in and billed for NUSHP each year.

Students enrolled in online programs are not eligible for NUSHP. Courses that would normally be held in the classroom and are currently being offered online or remotely due to COVID-19 are considered in-classroom courses and may make students eligible for and assessed the NUSHP fee.

Health Insurance Waiver

Eligible students are automatically enrolled in NUSHP each academic year and may waive NUSHP via myNortheastern once they have been billed for NUSHP. In addition, to be eligible to waive, comparable coverage must be effective from the beginning of the term the student meets Student Health Program requirements.

The burden of proof that the alternative insurance is adequate falls upon the student choosing to waive. By submitting the waiver form, the student will be accepting responsibility for all medical expenses incurred, and neither Northeastern University nor its Student Health Plan will be responsible for these expenses.

Northeastern University reserves the right to verify that the student’s insurance meets the criteria indicated. Disciplinary action may be taken if a student knowingly waives NUSHP without comparable coverage.

Visit the NUSHP website for waiver deadlines.