Theatre, Minor

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Note: No student may receive a theatre minor as a result of external transfer credit only.

Required Course

THTR 1101Introduction to Theatre4

Foundational Courses

Complete one of the following:4
Introduction to Acting
Technical Theatre 1
Introduction to Theatrical Design
From Script to Stage


Choose two courses from the following options: (Pre-requisites may apply).8
Improvisation for Entrepreneurs
Improvisation for Entrepreneurs—Abroad
Introduction to Acting
Technical Theatre 1
Introduction to Acting Abroad
Dance History: Modern to Hip Hop
The Professional Voice
The Professional Voice Abroad
Activism and Performance
African-American Theatre
Introduction to Theatrical Design
Theatre History: Greek Tragedy to Romanticism
History of Musical Theatre
Rebels of Modern Drama
America Onstage: Dramatizing the Dream
From Script to Stage
Boston Theatre Experience
Theatre and Society
Acting 2
Acting for Cameras
Stage Makeup
Technical Theatre 2
Lighting Design for the Stage
Costume Design
Scenic Design
Voice and Speech for the Actor
Acting 3—Playing Shakespeare
Directing for the Stage
Musical Theatre Technique

Making Theatre

Participate in a theatre department production.
THTR 1100Production Experience 11
NOTE: If cast in a substantial role, THTR 3000 Rehearsal and Production (4 SH) can be substituted for THTR 1100

GPA Requirement

2.000 GPA required in the minor