Academic Honors

Dean’s List

A dean’s list, or honors list, is issued at the end of each fall and spring semester. Effective fall 2010, the requirements to be on the dean’s list are a 3.500 grade-point average (GPA) or higher with no incomplete grade or grade below C–. Students who are on any form of probation, who are enrolled in a course on a pass/fail basis (except where there is no alternative or where required by the program), or who are not carrying a full load as determined by their undergraduate college are not eligible. With a few exceptions as approved by the respective colleges, a full load for fall and spring semesters is considered to be a minimum of four courses or 16 semester hours.

Graduation with Honors

Graduation with honors and selection as the class marshal are reserved for undergraduates who have completed 64 semester hours in residence and meet the following GPA requirements to graduate with honors:

GPA Honor Conferred
3.500–3.699 Graduate with honor (cum laude)
3.700–3.849 Graduate with high honor (magna cum laude)
3.850–4.000 Graduate with highest honor (summa cum laude)

Note: The university reserves the right to change these standards.

University Honors Program Distinction

University Honors Program Distinction is earned by those students who have completed six honors courses, including an honors interdisciplinary seminar, and who have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.500. The honors course requirement is adjusted for students who join the University Honors Program as second-semester first-year students (five honors courses) or as rising sophomores (four honors courses). Entering first-year students are invited to join based on a combination of their high school academic preparation, SAT/ACT scores, and leadership/civic engagement record. See the program’s website for information about the guidelines on how continuing students may join.

Honors in the Discipline

Honors in the Discipline is earned by those students who successfully complete college-defined requirements, generally culminating in a junior/senior honors thesis or a junior/senior honors project. This distinction will appear on the transcript (for example, “Honors in Music” or “Honors in Chemistry”). Detailed information about Honors in the Discipline is provided under each college’s website.