Graduation Requirements

To be eligible to receive degrees, graduating seniors must meet all academic and residency requirements. They must also clear all financial, experiential education, and disciplinary deficiencies.

In addition, each program of study has specific academic requirements. These are specified for each program under the various schools and colleges in this catalog.

Once they matriculate, students are expected to complete all course work for their degree at Northeastern; or an entity in a formal contractual, consortial, or partnership relationship with Northeastern; or at an approved Northeastern University study-abroad program. In some cases, in order to clear a deficiency, to permit students access to courses deemed by their respective advisors and colleges to be important for their educations but unavailable to them at Northeastern, or to remain on track for graduation, a student may petition their college for permission to take a course at another accredited institution. See also “Residency Requirement,” below.

Prior to completion of their program, students are expected to complete a graduation degree audit at their college’s academic student services office.

Note: Participation in study abroad in a student’s final semester may result in a delay in graduation due to calendar discrepancies across institutions.

University-Wide Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the University-Wide Requirements.

NUpath Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the NUpath Requirements.

Residency Requirement

In addition to meeting all degree and major requirements, students must earn a minimum of 64 Northeastern University semester hours to receive a bachelor’s degree. Established exchange programs, where students are earning two degrees, one from Northeastern University and one from another institution, require students to earn a minimum number of Northeastern University semester hours as specified by the exchange program. Specialized programs for students with preexisting credentials have specific residency requirements.


Attendance at Commencement is optional. Information concerning Commencement is provided to all graduating seniors during the spring semester. Seniors who have been removed from the graduation list are notified if they fail to qualify for their degrees. No special notice is sent to students who do qualify.