Transfer of Credit

A maximum of 9 semester/12 quarter hours of credit obtained at another institution may be accepted toward the degree, provided the credits consist of work taken at the graduate level for graduate credit, carry grades of 3.000 or better, have been earned at an accredited institution, have not been used toward any other degree, and are completed prior to the last semester of graduate study. These courses must have been taken within five years prior to the transfer and cannot be taken in the last semester prior to graduation.

The exact requirements for fulfillment of a degree in the Bouvé College of Health Sciences graduate school vary by program. Students must consult their individual academic program catalogs and policies, as well as program directors, if applicable, for specific credit and noncredit requirements necessary to achieve a specific degree.

If the course had been taken prior to matriculation at Bouvé, the student must submit to his or her academic advisor a petition requesting transfer along with the official transcript indicating successful completion of the course to be transferred. Upon obtaining the advisor’s approval, the student submits the documentation to the Bouvé graduate office on the appropriate petition form. A student may petition to transfer credit only after matriculation in Bouvé. The Graduate Petition to Transfer Credit form can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Courses that have not been taken but will be taken for transfer from another institution must receive preapproval from the student’s academic advisor. Students should submit the petition with the course description attached to their advisor for approval and then submit the completed petition to the Bouvé graduate school office.

Graduate courses at the Northeastern University College of Professional Studies (CPS) can be considered for transfer only with prior approval of the academic advisor. Courses taken in the CPS cannot be considered to fulfill full-time requirements for international students. For consideration of financial aid for CPS courses, check with your financial aid officer.

Students may not transfer courses required for the completion of their program in the last semester of their program.