Academic Progression

All students should register by the first week of the semester for course work or continuation credit each semester of the academic year (fall, spring, and, where indicated, summer) once they are matriculated as full- or part-time students. All physician assistant students must register all three semesters. If a student does not register for two consecutive semesters, the student’s file will be placed in the “inactive” archives and kept there for no longer than five years. Therefore, if a student plans on being absent more than one semester, he or she must notify the Bouvé graduate student office and request a leave of absence via the myNEU web portal.

For information about withdrawal and refund policies, refer to the Student Financial Services website

All degree requirements must be completed within a maximum of seven years of matriculation, although individual academic programs may require completion in a shorter time frame. Each student is responsible for reviewing the requirements for his or her particular program with his or her advisor. A student’s failure or inability to register does not extend the amount of time allowed to complete the program. Course credits earned in programs of graduate study are valid for a maximum of seven years unless an extension is granted by the Bouvé associate dean of academic affairs. After establishment of candidacy for the PhD degree, a maximum of five years will be allowed for completion of the degree requirements, unless an extension is granted. In order to progress in clinical courses that are sequenced, students must receive a passing grade in all prior courses in the sequence. In the event that a student fails a clinical course that is not part of a sequence, progression is at the discretion of the student’s academic advisor and/or the program director. When a student fails a clinical course that is part of a sequence of courses, the course instructor must notify the Bouvé College graduate office. Course material related to the student’s failure (examination reports, clinical reports) must be made available to the student for review.