Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate School of Engineering Certificate Policies and Procedures

This document describes the policies and procedures that apply for graduate certificates offered by the Graduate School of Engineering (GSE).

Admission into a GSE Graduate Certificate

Certificate admission requirements for non-degree-seeking students include a minimum 3.000 grade-point average (GPA) and completion of a relevant engineering undergraduate degree. Students without an engineering undergraduate degree should apply to the Graduate Certificate in Technology Systems Management.

In order to be considered admissible to an engineering graduate certificate, current GSE students must be in good academic standing. Students on academic probation will not be admitted into a graduate certificate program.

Current engineering PhD students will need to get signoff from their PhD advisor in order to be admitted into a certificate program.

Domestic Student
  • May take courses at Boston campus or online
International Student
  • May take courses at Boston campus
  • May take courses online if student does not live in the United States
  • SEVIS rules are followed to determine if an F-1 student is eligible to take an online course
  • Visa compliance may restrict eligibility for taking online courses
  • For GSE degree-seeking students
    • Students must complete the certificate course work before or in the same semester that they complete their degree course work.
    • I-20 may not be extended due to enrollment in a graduate certificate.
    • Students must be enrolled full-time in course work counting toward their degree program each fall and spring term. Certificate course work not counting toward the degree may be taken above and beyond that requirement in fall and spring, if the program allows, and in the summer terms.

Certificate Course Work May Be Applied Toward a GSE Degree

Certificate course work completed by graduate students may be used in some cases toward a Northeastern GSE graduate degree. There are two factors to consider, course eligibility and number of courses allowed to be counted for a certificate program and a degree program, known as “double counting.” The number of eligible courses allowed for double counting are specified in the section below.

Course Eligibility

GSE certificate courses may be counted toward an engineering graduate degree if the degree program requirements allow for the course. Refer to the specific graduate degree requirements in the university catalog.

Course Double Counting

For most disciplinary degrees, students can double count up to two eligible courses for a graduate degree and graduate certificate. For MSIE, MOR, MSME general concentration, and MSChE, students can double count up to four eligible courses (with academic advisor approval for courses).

For all multidisciplinary degrees—ES, EM, CSYE, IS, and TNET programs—students can double count up to four eligible courses for a graduate degree and graduate certificate.

Double Counting Across Certificates

Engineering graduate courses may not be double counted across graduate certificates.

BS/MS Students

Engineering graduate courses may not be triple counted for graduate certificate and/or degree programs. Graduate courses that are double counted toward the BS and MS degrees may not be counted toward a graduate certificate.

Graduate Courses Applied to an Undergraduate Degree

Graduate courses that were applied toward an undergraduate degree cannot be double counted for a graduate certificate. Graduate courses completed as an undergraduate that are taken above and beyond the requirements for the undergraduate degree may count toward a graduate certificate.

Academic Standing

All certificate-seeking students must meet the GSE requirements of a 3.000 GPA to remain in good standing. Only students who complete the required course work and remain in good standing will be eligible to be awarded a certificate.


Non-degree-seeking students are not eligible to participate in co-op.

Co-op eligibility will reside with the graduate degree program of the degree-seeking student. There are no additional considerations allotted by the certificate program.

Applying to Graduate

Students must apply to graduate for their certificate programs. At the beginning of the term that students are planning on graduating from their certificate program or certificate and degree program, students must apply to graduate for the certificate. If a student is graduating with both a certificate and degree program, they must apply to graduate to both the degree and the certificate program separately. The certificate and degree are awarded concurrently, even if the certificate course work is completed prior to the degree course work.

Certificate Transcript

Awarding of a certificate will be noted on the official Northeastern University transcript of students who complete a certificate program.

The College of Engineering offers numerous graduate certificates that may be completed alone or in combination with an MS degree. Please see the Overview tab for Certificate Policies and Procedures for detailed information regarding College of Engineering graduate certificates.

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