Engineering Business, Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Engineering Business is part of the Galante Engineering Business Program. The Galante Engineering Business Program offers a progressive opportunity for engineering students to complement their technical engineering education with business skills. Galante is founded on the values of student engagement and leadership to strengthen interpersonal and professional skills.

The certificate seeks to provide students opportunities to apply the technical aspects of an engineering skill foundation in corporate settings through both academic and programmatic elements. Programmatic elements include workshops, speaker series, site visits, seminars, and other related personal and professional development activities as a connected cohort. These activities equip students to manage projects, lead people, make data-driven and market-based decisions, and advance economically sound initiatives.

The Galante Engineering Business Program can be completed alongside a Master of Science in Engineering Management, Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Data Analytics Engineering, Civil Engineering with a Concentration in Construction Management, and Chemical Engineering. There are two possible paths to earning the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Business. The first option is to begin an eligible PlusOne program and then apply for the Galante Engineering Business Program. The second option is for those who have completed their BS in engineering in good standing and have been admitted to a master’s program listed above. Please note that the BS in engineering needs to be completed at Northeastern.

The Graduate Certificate in Engineering Business involves 15 credit hours from four courses across three categories. These four courses count as the electives required for each of the master’s programs above. Students need to ensure that these four courses are cross-listed with the master’s program.

Refer to the Galante Engineering Business Program webpage for additional details and description.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated. 

Core Requirements

Complete four courses from at least three of the following categories. Students can only take one class from outside the College of Engineering.15
Business Innovation Development
Enterprise Growth and Innovation
Business Planning for New Ventures
Business Model Design and Innovation
Customer-Driven Technical Innovation for Engineers
Engineering Product Design Methodology
Iterative Product Prototyping for Engineers
Product Development for Engineers
Entrepreneurial Marketing and Selling
Managing a Technology-Based Business
The Technical Entrepreneur as Leader
Organizational Excellence
Engineering/Organizational Psychology
Engineering Team Performance
Lean Concepts and Applications
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Managing Healthcare Supply Chain Operations
Lean Design and Development
Financial Analysis
Financial Reporting and Managerial Decision Making 1
Economic Decision Making
Financial Management for Engineers
Financing Ventures from Early Stage to Exit
Information and Business Analysis
Machine Learning
Data Mining Techniques
Introduction to Data Mining/Machine Learning
Introduction to Data Management and Processing
Data Mining for Engineering Applications
Data Management and Database Design
Business Analysis and Information Engineering
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

15 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required