Sustainable Building Systems, MSSBS

The sustainable building systems program focuses on the design and operation of buildings to provide a comfortable, healthy, and productive indoor environment with minimal energy and environmental impact. Students have an opportunity to develop leadership and decision-making skills to implement sustainable building practices in either the private or public sectors in the global market.

The graduates of the Master of Science in Sustainable Building Systems program should display a high level of engineering knowledge in a broad range of architectural engineering, civil engineering, and construction management while embracing the concepts of engineering sustainability as related to energy and materials usage and the effects on the environment. Graduates will have the base training necessary to lead efforts within companies to plan and implement sustainable practices for the design and operation of buildings, realize energy and materials efficiency improvements, and minimize environmental impact. Upon graduation, students will have a theoretical background to the concepts behind the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Associate examination.

Below is a typical course sequence for graduation in two semesters. The program is flexible to accommodate full-time students—who wish to proceed over a period of two to four semesters—and part-time students—who can complete the program requirements by taking one to two courses per semester, finishing the program in approximately four years.

Degree Requirements Full-Time Study Part-Time Study
Core courses 12 12
Restricted electives 8 8
Open elective 12 12

Graduate Certificate Options

Students enrolled in a master's degree have the opportunity to also pursue one of the many engineering graduate certificate options in addition to or in combination with the MS degree. Students should consult their faculty advisor regarding these options.

Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership

Master's Degree in Sustainable Building Systems with Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership

Students may complete a Master of Science in Sustainable Building Systems in addition to earning a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership. Students must apply and be admitted to the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program in order to pursue this option. The program requires fulfillment of the 16-semester-hour curriculum required to earn the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership, which includes an industry-based challenge project with multiple mentors. The integrated 32-semester-hour degree and certificate will require 16 hours of advisor-approved sustainable building systems technical courses.

Engineering Leadership

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Core Requirements

ARCH 5210
and ARCH 5211
Environmental Systems
and Recitation for ARCH 5210
SBSY 5100Sustainable Design and Technologies in Construction4
SBSY 5200Sustainable Engineering Systems for Buildings4


Restricted Elective List

Complete 8 semester hours from the following:8
Integrated Building Systems
Construction Project Control and Organization
Alternative Project Delivery Systems in Construction
Life Cycle Assessment of Materials, Products, and Infrastructure
Construction Management
Engineering Project Management
Legal Aspects of Civil Engineering
Financial Management for Engineers
Information Systems for Integrated Project Delivery

Other Elective List

Any restricted elective not used to meet the restricted elective requirement can be taken as another elective.

Complete 12 semester hours from the following:12
Financial Reporting and Managerial Decision Making 1
Financial Reporting and Managerial Decision Making 2
Behavior of Concrete Structures
Behavior of Steel Structures
Value Creation through Financial Decision Making
Valuation and Value Creation
Real Estate Finance and Investment
Cities, Sustainability, and Climate Change
Environmental Issues in Manufacturing and Product Use

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

32 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required