Appeals Policy

To initiate an appeal, a student may submit a written request to the associate dean responsible for the Graduate School of Engineering (or other dean of engineering designee providing oversight of the graduate school) detailing the reasons for the appeal of the academic dismissal decision, grade, reentry after graduate student academic dismissal, or other academic dispute involving graduate students that cannot be resolved by the academic unit with which the student is affiliated. This request should include relevant facts related to the case and any supporting documentation and shall be submitted at least three business days prior to the committee meeting in which the appeal is to be considered.

The student shall be offered the opportunity to meet with the committee to make a statement, present relevant facts of the case, and respond to clarifying questions the committee may have regarding the case. The chair of the committee reserves the right to end this meeting after 10 minutes if no further relevant facts are forthcoming. 

Upon approval of the committee’s decision by the associate dean (or their designee), the decision shall be binding unless the student chooses to continue the appeal process beyond the college level.