Information Design and Visualization, Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Information Design and Visualization focuses on the data-driven analytical and visual design of information, preparing students to communicate visually while engaging advanced data analytics to produce meaningful information environments.

Successful graduates of the Certificate in Information Design and Visualization are professionals who are prepared to tackle new information communication challenges and communicate and collaborate with researchers in a variety of fields, as well as stakeholders and the public. Throughout the course of the certificate, students master how to think visually, while also learning how to produce effective, meaningful visual information from various sources of data.

The certificate is intended for practitioners and graduate students from related fields—media, design, communications, data science, and more—who would like to acquire competencies in information design and data visualization to complement their skills and address their professional needs. Embedded in the course offering of our Master of Fine Arts in Information Design and Visualization program, students in the certificate program will have the opportunity to join MFA students for activities such as attending guest lectures and workshops.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated. 

Core Requirements

ARTG 5130Visual Communication for Information Design4
ARTG 5330Visualization Technologies 14


Complete two from the following:8
Information Design Studio 1: Principles
Information Design History
Visual Cognition
Information Design Studio 2: Dynamic Mapping and Models
Design for Behavior and Experience
Design of Information-Rich Environments
Information Design Mapping Strategies
Special Topics in Design
ARTG 5000 or 6000 level course

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

16 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required