Information Design and Data Visualization, MS

The Master of Science Information Design and Data Visualization is a two-semester research- and analysis-oriented program focusing on visual interfaces to communicate and explore digital information. Successful graduates will be professional information designers and data visualization experts able to collaborate effectively in this dynamic and burgeoning field of practice and research, prepared to work in data-driven areas including design, technology, business, health, education, and public institutions. The curriculum is designed to train students in design principles, critical inquiry, and the analytical and creative practices needed to assume leadership roles in an evolving interdisciplinary field. Coursework focuses on the translation of data and information into visual languages and the integration of theoretical, cognitive, and technical aspects of visualizations that engage a broad range of audiences. From this master’s program, students have multiple options to expand their advanced studies along diverse avenues, including adding graduate certificates in related topics such as user analytics, data analytics, experience design, and cultural entrepreneurship; engaging in co-op opportunities; and applying to proceed academically into a terminal Master of Fine Arts degree.

A typical plan of study includes:

Semester 1 is dedicated to foundations, including introductory courses in information visualization and visual communication principles and practices, visualization technologies, design studio, and visual cognition.

Semester 2 continues foundational training in statistics and data analysis, information design theory and critical thinking, and provides an advanced studio and information design elective allowing students to focus their studies along lines of individual interest.

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Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Core Requirements

ARTG 5100Information Design Studio 1: Principles4
ARTG 5150
and ARTG 5151
Information Visualization Principles and Practices
and Information Design Critique Seminar
ARTG 5310Visual Cognition4
ARTG 5320Statistics Basics for Designers4
ARTG 5330Visualization Technologies 1: Fundamentals4
ARTG 6100Information Design Studio 2: Dynamic Mapping and Models4
ARTG 6110Information Design Theory and Critical Thinking4


Complete one of the following:4
Information Design History
Research Methods for Design
Visual Communication for Information Design
Visualization Technologies 2: Advanced Practices
Design for Behavior and Experience
Design of Information-Rich Environments
Information Design Mapping Strategies

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

32 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required

Year 1
ARTG 51004ARTG 53204
ARTG 5150
and ARTG 5151
4ARTG 61004
ARTG 53104ARTG 61104
ARTG 53304Information design elective4
 16 16
Total Hours: 32