Office of Global Services

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The Office of Global Services provides advice and support services to over 20,000 international students and scholars who represent approximately 147 nations. 

OGS serves as a "home away from home" for all international students and offers a wide array of programs and services to assist international students with their cultural adjustment, academic success, and professional growth. Throughout the year, OGS hosts cocurricular events that celebrate culture and the rich diversity of the campus. These events are encouraged as a way to gain familiarity with Northeastern University in a cross-cultural context while also facilitating the formation of friendships across cultures. OGS promotes meaningful interaction and intercultural understanding among citizens of all countries and their local peers, providing educational and cultural enrichment opportunities for all members of Northeastern. All students in the Northeastern community are welcome to participate in our events.

OGS provides comprehensive immigration advising services to assist international students in understanding the benefits and restrictions of being an international student, as governed by the federal immigration regulations set forth by the country of the student's study location within the Northeastern University Global Network. OGS advises students on the complexities of immigration compliance and interfaces with various government agencies.

During international student orientation, international students will receive an overview of the immigration compliance requirements along with information and resources to support academic success, student life, campus safety, and cultural adjustment.  

During every required academic term, international students must maintain full-time status and appropriate on-ground presence at Northeastern to comply with federal immigration regulations. Note that timely registration for courses is especially important so that international students may remain in compliance with Northeastern's reporting requirements to the federal government about where they are studying. Because understanding federal regulations is complex and often nuanced, international students should consult with OGS if they have questions about their individual status.

OGS—United States

Information for international students and scholars attending Northeastern in the United States, including I-20 (F-1) or DS-2019 (J-1) issuance, visa processing, general guidelines, orientation, events and programs, and support services. F-1 and J-1 students are encouraged to regularly review the guidelines on maintaining status.


Information for international students attending the Northeastern program in Canada, including study permit compliance and extension, work eligibility, co-op work permit application, Post-Graduation Work Permit application, general guidelines, and support services.

Visa Immigration Compliance Team—United Kingdom

The visa compliance team in London is committed to providing comprehensive support to international students throughout their CAS (Certificate of Acceptance for Studies) and UK student visa application processes. Their role encompasses assisting students in both pre- and postenrollment visa compliance activities.

The team also offers full support for an in-person enrollment on the first day at Northeastern University, London—which is a crucial process where the university verifies the information provided by international students and ensures their right to study in the UK. It is the university's responsibility to ensure that every international student possesses the correct visa to study in the UK. Once enrollment is successfully completed and all requested information is submitted, the visa compliance team issues a student ID card as a confirmation of the student's enrollment with Northeastern University, London.

The visa compliance team remains available throughout the student's enrollment life cycle to provide advice, guidance, and comprehensive support for any issues related to student visas. This includes addressing changes in program or any other matters related to visas or immigration, until the international student graduates.


Students at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies are not eligible for on-campus housing at Northeastern. There are, however, a number of housing resources students may consult if seeking off-campus housing.