MPNC 1103. Music Instruction. (3 Hours)

Offers private classical and jazz instruction at all levels by qualified, experienced faculty. Includes instruction in voice; most instruments, including classical guitar; composition; conducting; jazz arranging; music theory; music sight-reading; orchestration; and music technology. May be repeated up to 10 times.

MPNC 1741. Chamber Music Ensemble. (1 Hour)

Offers chamber music ensembles at intermediate and advanced levels encompassing the following areas: strings, woodwinds, piano, voice, brass, guitar, and mixed ensembles. Coached by the department chair and faculty. Explores the great repertoire in detail, combining the discipline of the highest standard of playing with an understanding of the music. Offers students an opportunity to learn how to play their best, getting past the limitations of purely technical considerations. May be repeated up to 10 times.