Student Orientation

It is mandatory for all new undergraduate students to participate in an orientation program. Students beginning in September will participate in sessions throughout the summer. Those starting in January will participate in a session that will precede the start of the semester. At orientation, students will have the opportunity to learn their way around campus and Boston, as well as prepare for the start of the academic year, and experience what makes Northeastern unique. Students will also register for classes, get their student ID card, and participate in a variety of activities that will help them meet their fellow classmates. Once a student officially commits to the university by paying the enrollment fee, they will have the ability to register for orientation through the Admitted Student Portal.

For additional information, contact the Office of Student Orientation and Parent/Family Programs at 800.696.6516 or visit the office website.

Note: International students are required to participate in both Student Orientation and the International Student Orientation, hosted by the Office of Global Services (OGS). Both programs take place at the time of move-in, preceding the start of the academic semester.