Wellness Studies, Minor

The wellness studies minor provides a holistic approach to the study of the human wellness experience. Offering interdisciplinary enrollment, this minor includes foundational wellness courses, as well as a range of interdisciplinary electives that embrace evidence-based science and education vis-à-vis selected domains of wellness. A cross-cultural, life span approach to individual and population wellness and well-being is offered as an experiential learning initiative.

As Northeastern University guides students in the ways of self-managing (life-long learning), an understanding of the nature and practices of wellness may inform deliberative decision-making processes that lead to the attainment of wellness-informed lifestyle choices. Over time, these choices may inform the design and crafting of a life well lived.

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated. Also complete any corequisite labs, recitations, clinicals, or tools courses where specified.

Required Courses

NRSG 1205Wellness4
or NRSG 1206 Wellness Abroad
NRSG 5000Advanced Perspectives in Wellness4


Complete two of the following:7-8
Sex and Interpersonal Communication
Games for Change
Interpersonal Communication
Writing to Heal
Introduction to Exercise, Fitness, and Health
Alternative Medicine
Mindfulness: Theory and Practice
Global Perspectives in the Science and Practice of Mindfulness
Human Nutrition
Nutrition Service Learning
Advanced Nutrition in Health and Disease
Food, Behavior, and Eating Disorders
Environment and Society
Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression

GPA Requirement

Minimum 2.000 GPA required in all minor courses

Credit Requirement

A minimum of 15 hours is required.