Tuition, Room, Board, and Fees Per Semester

Annual costs for upperclass students participating in co-op vary depending on their pattern of attendance. See “Patterns of Attendance” section below. The number of semesters a transfer student spends in school depends on the curriculum of the student’s college. You are advised to verify your curriculum with your academic advisor so that you may plan accordingly.

Total Costs

The total costs for students living in our residence halls and enrolled in the 15-meal plan are as follows:

Tuition and Fees

  Per Full Semester Per Summer Half Semester
Tuition $25,225 $12,613
Student center fee $75 $38
Student activities fee $136 (per year)
Campus recreation fee $56 $33
Undergraduate student fee $310 $155

 Room, Board, and Fees per Semester

  Per Full Semester Per Summer Half Semester
Residence activity fee $32 $16
Housing range from $4,470–$5,7201 approximately 1/2 of semester rate1
15-meal plan2 $3,665 $1,833

Undergraduate day students who take a graduate course as part of their undergraduate program will be charged the same rates that apply to undergraduate credits. (See “Overload Policy” and “Reduced Load Policies.”)

In addition to the expenses itemized above, families should plan on the normal costs of living that students incur for transportation, books, and personal expenses. While these expenses may vary, for the purpose of approximating a student budget, the university estimates these items at $2,800 per year.

Tuition rates, room and board charges, and fees are subject to revision by the Northeastern University Board of Trustees at any time.

Patterns of Attendance

To better plan for tuition and fees, students and parents should be aware that:

  1. Tuition is charged when a student is taking classes/earning academic credit. Tuition is not charged for co-op; however, the student will pay room and board if he or she stays in a university residence hall while on co-op and will be assessed tuition if enrolled in a class.
  2. Financial aid will be distributed to match the student’s academic program and tuition bills.

Northeastern University’s calendar enables students to participate in six-month co-op assignments. Each academic year has two full semesters (fall semester, September–December, and spring semester, January–April) and two half semesters of about seven weeks each (summer 1, May–June, and summer 2, July–August). The six-month co-op assignments generally span either the spring plus summer 1 terms or the summer 2 plus fall terms.

The co-op schedule is flexible, but generally, students alternate periods in class with periods on co-op. All students are required to complete their program in the classroom, rather than on a co-op assignment, so their last semester will be in the classroom. For specific patterns of attendance for particular majors, consult the program plan for that major.

Fees Required of All Students

The following fees are required of all students:

Application Fee

A nonrefundable fee of $75 must accompany an application for admission.

Enrollment Deposits

A nonrefundable enrollment deposit, which is applicable toward the first semester’s bill, is due by January 15, 2018, from students accepted for Early Decision I, by February 20, 2018, for students accepted for Early Decision II, and by May 1, 2018, from all other accepted freshman students entering in September 2018. A $350 international student fee is included in the enrollment deposit for international students. This fee supports programs and services provided by the Office of Global Services (OGS) on campus. Housing is required for all first- and second-year students. Students entering at other times of the year, and transfer students entering in September, should note the required deposit due date on their letter of admission.

Undergraduate Student Fee

The mandatory undergraduate student fee supports enrollment-related services throughout the student’s first year, including new student orientation and welcome week activities. Beyond the first year, the fee supports enrollment services and  costs related to ongoing communication to students and parents. The $310 undergraduate student fee is assessed each in-class or study-abroad term for undergraduate students. During summer half semesters, the fee is prorated.

Student Fees

Students pay a student center fee of $70 per in-school full semester or $35 per in-school summer half semester. This fee supports the Curry Student Center. An annual student activities fee of $136 is charged to support student clubs.

Campus Recreation Fee

All undergraduate students at Northeastern University will be assessed a campus recreation fee of $56 per in-school full semester or $33 per in-school summer half semester. This fee covers admission to home athletic events, use of the Marino Fitness Center, the SquashBusters athletic facility, and the Cabot Gym (fitness and pool). This fee will also support the future construction of athletic fields and facilities.

Husky Card (Photo-Identification Card)

This card is issued to new students at orientation and registration. Students must have a valid Husky Card to use at most university facilities. A replacement card costs $25.

Northeastern University Student Health Plan (NUSHP)

Since September 1989, Massachusetts law (Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 15A, Section 18) has required every full-time and part-time student enrolled in a Massachusetts institution of higher learning to participate in a student health insurance program (SHIP) or in a health benefit plan with comparable coverage. Students who have comparable health plan coverage may waive NUSHP by completing a waiver on their myNortheastern portal by the designated deadline date each academic year. For deadlines and additional information, visit the NUSHP website.

Additional Fees

Other fees may include the following:

Housing Application/Deposit

New students must submit a nonrefundable $600 enrollment deposit along with a completed housing application form to complete the housing application process. Housing is required for all first- and second-year students entering as freshmen. The upperclass housing deposit is $200 for each full semester and for each summer half semester.

Residence Hall Activities Fee

All students living in the residence hall system pay a full-semester $32 fee or half-semester $16 fee for activities sponsored by the Residence Student Association.

Late Fees

Late fees can be placed on accounts any time after the due date, if the account remains fully or partially unpaid. The university typically waits, however, until after the conclusion of the add/drop period, for the specified semester, prior to assessment of late fees. These fees are based on the amount past due at the time of assessment and can range from $75 to $200. Late fees are assessed once per semester.

If a student or payer wishes to dispute a late fee assessment, he or she must do so, in writing, to Please be sure to include the student’s name, NU ID, and reason for the dispute in the email.

International Student Fee

A onetime fee of $350 is charged to new undergraduate international students. The fee supports programs and services available at the OGS.

Room and Board

Room Rates per Semester

Visit the Housing and Residential Life website for a complete display of room rates and residence halls.

Termination Charge and Room Rate Adjustments

The university provides on-campus and leased accommodations that are assigned each term. Students are billed at the beginning of each term and are obligated to pay the full charge for the term. The high demand for on-campus housing makes it necessary for Housing and Residential Life to enforce its cancellation policy strictly. It is imperative to note that a student whose Residence Hall and Dining License Agreement is revoked for disciplinary reasons is subject to the same financial assessments as outlined below.

Students who are suspended or expelled from the university will have their current and any active housing application(s) canceled effective the date of suspension. When suspension or expulsion is sanctioned, the student will be charged according to the “Termination Credit Policy for Official Withdrawal from the University” below. All housing deposits on file will be forfeited. Upon readmittance to the university, the student must reapply for housing and if capacity has been reached, the student will be placed on the housing waitlist.

Students who withdraw from the university will have their meal plan charges prorated to the end of the week they complete the University Withdrawal form in the Office of the Registrar. Students must also complete the official housing withdrawal form and check out properly with their residence director. Housing charges for students who withdraw from the university will be prorated only through the end of the fifth week of full semesters and through the end of the fourth week of summer half semesters.

Termination Credit Policy for Official Withdrawal from the University

Fall and Spring Semesters
Official Withdrawal from University Room Charge Credited
Week 1 100 percent1
Week 2 90 percent1
Week 3 80 percent1
Week 4 60 percent1
Week 5 40 percent1
After week 52 0 percent2
Summer Half Semesters
Official Withdrawal from University Room Charge Credited
Week 1 100 percent1
Week 2 75 percent1
Week 3 50 percent1
Week 4 25 percent1
After week 42 0 percent2

Termination Charge Policy for Cancellation from the Residence Halls for Matriculating Students

Failure to provide timely, written notification of cancellation of housing will result in a charge to students for their assigned space. For example, if you are assigned to a room for the fall semester with a rate of $5,350 and you cancel your housing on June 20, 2017, you will be assessed 50 percent of your room rate, which is $2,675—not 50 percent of your deposit for the fall term.

If you cancel your housing prior to receiving an assignment, you will be assessed a cancellation fee according to the cancellation schedule at the rate of a standard double room for freshmen or a standard double in an apartment for upperclass and graduate students. If the cancellation deadline has passed, students who can demonstrate a significant change in academic, co-op, or financial circumstances may petition for a waiver of this charge. See the following cancellation charge schedule:

Amount Charged For Fall Semester For Spring Semester For Summer 1 For Summer 2
Deposit refunded; no charge Before 5/15/17 Before 10/1/17 Before 3/1/18 Before 4/15/18
25 percent of term room charge1 After 5/15/17 After 10/1/17 After 3/1/18 After 4/15/18
50 percent of term room charge1 After 6/15/17 After 10/15/17 After 3/15/18 After 4/30/18
75 percent of term room charge1 After 7/15/17 After 11/1/17 After 4/1/18 After 5/15/18
100 percent of term room charge1 After 8/1/17 After 12/1/17 After 4/15/18 After 5/31/18

Dining Services

All students living in university residence halls that require students to have a meal plan are required to participate in the 19-, 15-, or 10-meal plan operated by University Dining Services.

All freshmen (during their first two semesters as matriculated college students) living in university residence halls are required to have a traditional meal plan. They are required to have at least a 10-meal plan except for those living in university apartments with kitchen facilities. Freshmen living in university apartments with kitchen facilities are required to have at least a 5-meal plan.

Students living in a meal-plan-required residence hall are automatically billed for the 15-meal plan but can increase to a 19-meal plan or decrease to a 10-meal plan. All other students may choose to enroll in a meal plan via the "Services & Links" section on the myNortheastern portal.

Changes to the meal plan are made via the "Services & Links" section on the myNortheastern portal. Deadlines apply. Visit the Husky Card website for details.

For information about menus and dining locations, visit the dining website.

The traditional meal plan rates for 2017–2018 are shown below. For updated meal plan rates, visit the tuition and fees webpage.

Meals per Week Full Semester Summer Half Semester
19 $3,970 $1,985
15 $3,665 $1,833
10 $3,175 $1,588
5 $1,630 $815

Profiler Meal Plans

The nonrefundable profiler meal plan is a block of meals that are provided in lump sum and can be used at the student’s discretion. Profiler options are available to all students. However, these plans cannot take the place of a required, traditional meal plan.

Profiler meal plans end in August at the end of summer 2 semester. Students are advised to pay close attention to the end dates, as unused meals do not roll over and will not be refunded. Profiler meal plans for 2017–2018 are valid from August 27, 2017, through August 25, 2018, and may be used at:

  • Levine Marketplace
  • Stetson West
  • International Village
  • Outtakes
  • Rebecca’s Café in Churchill Hall
  • West End in Curry Student Center

Note: Dining locations are limited during the summer.

The profiler rates for 2017–2018 are shown below. For updated rates, visit the tuition and fees webpage.

Meals Cost
25 $445
50 $870
86 $1,465
110 $1,845

Profiler plans are nonrefundable and cannot be modified.

Husky Dollars

Students can deposit funds into a Husky Dollar account and access these funds using their Husky Card at many restaurants and retail locations on and off campus, including the university’s bookstore.

Note that the account accrues no interest and cannot be used for cash withdrawals. Visit the Husky Card website for additional information, including vendor locations and instructions on how to add funds to your account.