Data Science and Biochemistry, BS

The Data Science and Biochemistry Major combines computer science, biochemistry, biology, information science, mathematics, and statistics into an integrated curriculum. The program engages students in rigorous course work designed to prepare students to interpret the ever-expanding knowledge base.

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated. Also complete any corequisite labs, recitations, clinicals, or tools courses where specified and complete any additional courses needed beyond specific college and major requirements to satisfy graduation credit requirements.

University-Wide Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the University-Wide Requirements.

NUpath Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the NUpath Requirements.

Data Science Requirements

Computer Science Overview
CS 1200Leadership Skill Development1
CS 1210Professional Development for CCIS Co-op1
Discrete Structures
A grade of C– or higher is required:
CS 1800
and CS 1802
Discrete Structures
and Seminar for CS 1800
Computer Science Foundations
A grade of C– or higher is required:
CS 2500
and CS 2501
Fundamentals of Computer Science 1
and Lab for CS 2500
CS 2510
and CS 2511
Fundamentals of Computer Science 2
and Lab for CS 2510
CS 3200Database Design4
CS 3500Object-Oriented Design4
Data Science Foundations
DS 4100Data Collection, Integration, and Analysis4
DS 4200Information Presentation and Visualization4
DS 4300Large-Scale Information Storage and Retrieval4
DS 4400Machine Learning and Data Mining 14
Data Science Upper-Division Elective
Complete one of the following, not taken to fulfill previous requirements:4
CS 2500 or higher, except CS 5010
IS 2000 or higher, except IS 4900
DS 2000 or higher, except DS 4900
Supporting Courses for Data Science
THTR 1170The Eloquent Presenter1
Statistics Foundations
Complete one of the following:4
and Lab for ENVR 2500
Probability and Statistics

Computer Science Writing Requirement

College Writing
ENGW 1111First-Year Writing4
or ENGW 1102 First-Year Writing for Multilingual Writers
Advanced Writing in the Disciplines
ENGW 3302Advanced Writing in the Technical Professions4
or ENGW 3315 Interdisciplinary Advanced Writing in the Disciplines

Biochemistry Requirements

Biology Foundations
BIOL 1107
and BIOL 1108
Foundations of Biology
and Lab for BIOL 1107
BIOL 2299Inquiries in Biological Sciences4
BIOL 2301
and BIOL 2302
Genetics and Molecular Biology
and Lab for BIOL 2301
BIOL 2309Biology Project Lab4
Chemistry Foundations
CHEM 1211
and CHEM 1212
General Chemistry 1
and Lab for CHEM 1211
CHEM 1214
and CHEM 1215
General Chemistry 2
and Lab for CHEM 1214
CHEM 2311
and CHEM 2312
Organic Chemistry 1
and Lab for CHEM 2311
CHEM 2313
and CHEM 2314
Organic Chemistry 2
and Lab for CHEM 2313
Mathematics Foundations
MATH 1341Calculus 1 for Science and Engineering4
MATH 1342Calculus 2 for Science and Engineering4
Biochemistry Foundations
BIOL 3611
and BIOL 3612
and Lab for BIOL 3611
CHEM 2331
and CHEM 2332
Bioanalytical Chemistry
and Lab for CHEM 2331
or CHEM 4620 Introduction to Protein Chemistry

Integrative Requirement

Integrative Courses
BINF 6308Bioinformatics Computational Methods 14
BINF 6309Bioinformatics Computational Methods 24
Complete one of the following:4
Biology Capstone
Senior Research
Data Science Senior Project

Required General Electives

Complete three general electives.12

Major GPA Requirement

Minimum 2.000 GPA required in all CS, IS, and DS courses

Program Requirement

136 total semester hours required