Principles of Manufacturing, Undergraduate Certificate

The Certificate in Manufacturing Principles offers students an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of manufacturing systems and seeks to prepare them to better succeed in entry-level positions with the potential for accelerated promotion within a company. The course work has been developed in partnership with industry partners and is regularly reviewed and revised by an industry advisory board to ensure that the curriculum is current with industry standards, workplace needs, and incorporates real-world applications.

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Required Courses

MTH 2120Technical Math 13
MTH 2500Statistical Quality Control3
GET 1100Introduction to Engineering and Technology3
GET 1150Foundations of Engineering Graphics and Design3
MET 2000Engineering Computer-Aided Design and Tolerance Analysis3
AVM 1150Fundamentals of Manufacturing Systems3
AVM 1200Fundamentals of Safety, Health, and Environmental Issues3
AVM 2200Composite Materials and Applications3

Program Requirement

24 total semester hours required