Undergraduate Minors

Eligibility Requirements for Bachelor's Degree Minors

An undergraduate minor requires a minimum of 15 but no more than 18 semester hours of undergraduate-level course work. You may choose from the undergraduate minors below, and your completed minor will appear on your academic transcript.

If you do not declare a minor at the time of application for admission, you will need to complete the appropriate minor form in consultation with your designated academic and student support specialist.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The student must be accepted or enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program.
  • The program of study for his or her major and minor cannot be the same where the requirements for the minor are a subset of requirements in the major, e.g., a BS student with a biology major cannot enroll in the biology minor; a BS student with a management major cannot enroll in the business minor.
  • The student must fulfill all requirements for the minor and degree concurrently and may not extend his or her program of study to complete a minor. However, courses used to fulfill requirements for the minor may also be used to complete undergraduate degree requirements.
  • The student may declare his or her intent to pursue a minor at time of application for admission or after acceptance as an enrolled student, up until the beginning of his or her last term of enrollment. It is strongly encouraged that a student who wishes to pursue an undergraduate minor begin planning early and to consult with his or her designated academic and student support specialist.
  • The student may apply to pursue up to two undergraduate minors.
  • The student must adhere to the curriculum of the undergraduate minor(s) for which he or she has been approved. If the student wishes to request a course substitution to fulfill requirements of an undergraduate minor, he or she must seek prior approval through his or her designated academic and student support specialist. If the student does not complete the courses as prescribed in the curriculum and did not seek prior approval for an exception, such actions could lead to the minor not appearing on the student’s transcript.
  • The student may apply up to 6 semester hours of transfer credits toward an undergraduate minor.
  • The student in the BS in Liberal Studies program may choose to pursue a minor as part of his or her concentration.
  • The student in undergraduate Fast-Track programs is eligible to apply for undergraduate minors. The Fast-Track student must fulfill all requirements of the degree and minor(s) concurrently, which could result in the student completing more than the minimum credits required for the degree alone.
  • Courses in the undergraduate minors are offered outside the Fast-Track programs and do not adhere to the rules and procedures that are part of the Fast-Track programs.