Pre-Medical Studies, Post-Baccalaureate Undergraduate Certificate

If you already hold an undergraduate degree in a science discipline and are interested in pursuing a career in medicine, the the Postbaccalaureate in Premedical certificate may be ideal for you. Enabling you to enhance your existing academic record by completing premedical courses, this innovative program prepares you to successfully apply to a medical, dental, osteopathic, nursing, or other program to prepare for a career in a health professional field. 

Designed for students who require all or most of the basic premedical courses, this program offers one-on-one advising, tutoring, success coaching, and other academic support services. 

Program Objectives 

Designed to enhance and build on your previous academic record through additional premedical course work, this postbaccalaureate certificate covers concepts in biology, chemistry, and physics.  You will have the opportunity to tailor your learning experience by choosing from optional electives in human anatomy, microbiology, genetics, cell biology, immunology, endocrinology, biochemistry, statistics, emergency medical technician (EMT) basics, and calculus. As a result of your learning experience, you will be well equipped to apply to medical, dental, osteopathic, or a health professional school. 

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Students should check with the school(s) and programs of their choice to determine which courses they need to apply for admittance.  Additional work in biology, the behavioral sciences, clinical experience, or research experience may be recommended by different schools. 

Required Courses

Complete at least eight of the following:30-64
Calculus 1
Calculus 2
Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences
Principles of Biology 1
and Lab for BIO 1100
Principles of Biology 2
and Lab for BIO 1200
and Lab for BIO 2100
Cell Biology
Genetics and Molecular Biology
and Lab for BIO 2500
and Lab for BIO 3100
Human Anatomy and Physiology 1
and Lab for BIO 1600
Human Anatomy and Physiology 2
and Lab for BIO 1700
General Chemistry 1
and Lab for CHM 1100
General Chemistry 2
and Lab for CHM 1200
Organic Chemistry 1
and Lab for CHM 2110
Organic Chemistry 2
and Lab for CHM 2200
Physics 1
and Lab for PHY 1200
Physics 2
and Lab for PHY 2200
Foundations of Psychology

Program Requirement

30–64 total semester hours required