Advanced Manufacturing Systems, BS

Northeastern’s Bachelor of Science in Advanced Manufacturing Systems will create pathways for entry- and midlevel manufacturing employees to deepen their knowledge and gain new skills across the advanced manufacturing ecosystem. The program’s challenge-based learning architecture balances autonomy with a structured path through a rigorous curriculum.    

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated.

University-Wide Requirement

Minimum 120 total semester hours required

Minimum 2.000 GPA required

Students must earn a minimum of 60 Northeastern University semester hours in order to receive a bachelor’s degree.

Note: Individual program requirements may exceed the above minima.

NUpath Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the NUpath Requirements.

Foundation Courses 

32 semester hours required

ENG 1105
and ENG 1106
College Writing 1
and Lab for ENG 1105
ENG 3105
and ENG 3106
Writing for the Professions: Science and Engineering
and Lab for ENG 3105
MTH 2120Technical Math 13
MTH 2220Technical Math 23
MTH 2500Statistical Quality Control3
CHM 1100General Chemistry 13
EET 2000Circuits 13
PHY 1200Physics 13
PHL 2140Ethical Issues in Science and Engineering3
CMN 1100Organizational Communication3

Advanced Manufacturing Foundation Courses

18 semester hours required

AVM 1100Fundamental Measurement Analysis3
AVM 1150Fundamentals of Manufacturing Systems3
EET 3100Electronics 13
GET 1150Foundations of Engineering Graphics and Design3
MET 2000Engineering Computer-Aided Design and Tolerance Analysis3
MET 2040Engineering Manufacturing Process3

Advanced Manufacturing Core Courses 

36 semester hours required

AVM 2250Materials Performance and Applications3
AVM 3000Materials Processing3
AVM 3100Nondestructive Testing3
AVM 3500Business Operations and Supply Chain3
AVM 4100Mechatronics (Mechatronics)3
AVM 4200Engineering Metrology and Measurements3
AVM 4300Advanced Manufacturing and Additive Processes3
GET 3100Computer Control of Manufacturing Processes3
MET 3100Engineering Stress Analysis3
MET 3300Engineering Materials Science3
MET 4100Mechanical Engineering Systems Design3
MGT 2220Supply Chain Management3

Advanced Manufacturing Capstone

Grand challenges at the end of each accelerator will make up this requirement:
GET 4840Engineering Technology Capstone Project Preparation and Proposal2
GET 4850Engineering Technology Capstone Project Execution4


Complete a minimum of  28 semester hours to reach 120 semester hours.

Term 1Hours
MTH 21203
PHL 21403
AVM 11003
CMN 11003
Term 2Hours
MTH 22203
EET 31003
ENG 1105
and ENG 1106
AVM 11503
Term 3Hours
ENG 3105
and ENG 3106
GET 11503
CHM 11003
MTH 25003
Term 4Hours
PHY 12003
MET 20003
MET 20403
EET 20003
Term 5Hours
MGT 22203
AVM 33003
AVM 35003
MET 41003
Term 6Hours
AVM 22503
AVM 30003
MET 33003
Open elective3
Term 7Hours
AVM 31003
AVM 42003
Term 8Hours
AVM 43003
Open elective3
Open elective3
GET 48402
Term 9Hours
GET 31003
CET 42103
AVM 41003
GET 48504
Term 10Hours
AVM 22003
Open elective 3
Open elective3
Open elective3
Technical elective4
Total Hours: 120