Marine Biology, MS—Three Seas Program

The MS in Marine Biology—Three Seas Program provides students the opportunity to study marine biology in three distinct environments at three world-renowned research facilities in New England, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Northwest. An internship in the field and independent research project provide the capstone to the fifteen-month graduate program.

Much more than course work in a classroom, the MS in Marine Biology—Three Seas Program delivers inquiry-based curriculum in marine science during which our students formulate research questions, design and conduct critical experiments, and interpret and present results. You will have an opportunity not only learn science, you have an opportunity to learn how to do science and become a marine scientist.

This program is for students eager to broaden their knowledge of marine biology or who want to further refine their interests.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Core Requirements

Students register for International Study—Three Seas Program (ABRS 5120) for the fall and spring terms of year 1.

EEMB 5303Marine Biology Careers Seminar1
EEMB 5504Biology of Corals3
EEMB 5506Biology and Ecology of Fishes3
EEMB 5508
and EEMB 5509
Marine Birds and Mammals
and Lab for EEMB 5508
EEMB 5518Ocean and Coastal Processes2
EEMB 5534
and EEMB 5535
Marine Invertebrate Zoology and Botany
and Lab for EEMB 5534
EEMB 5516
and EEMB 5517
and Lab for EEMB 5516
EEMB 5528Marine Conservation Biology3
EEMB 5536Ocean and Coastal Sustainability3
EEMB 5512Tropical Terrestrial Ecology1
EEMB 5520Coral Reef Ecology2
EEMB 5522
and EEMB 5523
Experimental Design Marine Ecology
and Lab for EEMB 5522
EEMB 5532Physiological and Molecular Marine Ecology3
EEMB 5589Diving Research Methods2
Take the following (repeatable) course twice:2
Marine Biology Research Project

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

43 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required

Year 1
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer Full SemesterHours
EEMB 53031EEMB 55043EEMB 86741
EEMB 5516
and EEMB 5517
5EEMB 55063 
EEMB 5522
and EEMB 5523
5EEMB 5508
and EEMB 5509
EEMB 5534
and EEMB 5535
5EEMB 55121 
EEMB 55363EEMB 55182 
EEMB 55892EEMB 55202 
 EEMB 55283 
 EEMB 55323 
 21 20 1
Year 2
EEMB 86741  
Total Hours: 43