Leadership, MS

As today’s workforce continues to diversify, leadership tasks and responsibilities have become more complex. The Master of Science in Leadership seeks to prepare you to meet these evolving challenges by helping you cultivate a personal leadership philosophy. Leveraging students’ interdisciplinary backgrounds, this master’s degree in leadership combines real-world lessons with an action-learning approach that is designed to build and strengthen your leadership capabilities.

In September of 2009, the Master of Science in Leadership with a Concentration in Project Management received accreditation by the Project Management Institute’s Global Accreditation Center (GAC), the world’s leading association for project management professionals. Accreditation is achieved by meeting the GAC’s rigorous standards, which include an assessment of program objectives and outcomes, a review of on-site and online resources, evaluations of faculty and students, and proof of continuous improvements in the area of project management.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Required Courses

LDR 6100Developing Your Leadership Capability3-6
LDR 6110Leading Teams3-6
LDR 6115Leadership Communication3
LDR 6120Organizational Leadership3-6
LDR 6135Ethical Leadership3
LDR 6140Strategic Leadership3-6
LDR 6145Global Leadership3
LDR 6150Transforming Organizations3
LDR 7980Capstone1-4

Required Elective Course

Complete one of the following:3-4
Negotiation, Mediation, and Facilitation
Personal and Career Development
Interdisciplinary Professional Foundations
Integrative Experiential Learning
International Field Study Experience


Complete one of the following seven concentrations:

Concentration in Health Management
HMG 6110Organization, Administration, Financing, and History of Healthcare3
HMG 6130Healthcare Strategic Management3
HMG 6140Principles of Population-Based Management3
HMG 6160Healthcare Information Systems Management3
HMG 6170Health Law, Politics, and Policy3
Concentration in Human Resources
HRM 6005Creating a High-Performance Organization: Strategic Organizational and HRM Choices3
HRM 6010Total Compensation3
HRM 6020Strategic Recruitment, Training, and Performance Management3
HRM 6030Employee Rights and Employer Obligations3
HRM 6040High-Performance Human Resources Systems and Development3
Concentration in Leading and Managing Technical Projects
PJM 6000Project Management Practices3
PJM 6205Leading and Managing Technical Projects3
PJM 6210Communication Skills for Project Managers3
PJM 6215Leading Remote Project Teams3
PJM 6220Planning and Scheduling Technical Projects3
Concentration in Nonprofit Management
NPM 6110Legal and Governance Issues in Nonprofit Organizations3
NPM 6120Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations3
NPM 6125Promoting Nonprofit Organizations3
NPM 6130Fund-Raising and Development for Nonprofit Organizations3
NPM 6140Grant and Report Writing3
Concentration in Organizational Communication
CMN 6000
and INT 6000
Introduction to Organizational Communication
and Writing Lab
CMN 6020Ethical Issues in Organizational Communication3
CMN 6050Crisis Communication3
CMN 6090Organizational Culture, Climate, and Communication3
CMN 6110Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Conflict: Meeting Management3
Concentration in Project Management
Project Management Courses
Note: Students with project management experience are not required to take PJM 5900:
PJM 5900Foundations of Project Management4
PJM 6000Project Management Practices3
PJM 6025Project Scheduling and Cost Planning3
PJM 6015Project Risk Management3
Project Management Electives
Complete two of the following. Note: Students who take PJM 5900 are required to take only one course in this section:6
Project Evaluation and Assessment
Project Quality Management
Managing Troubled Projects
Introduction to Program and Portfolio Management
Concentration in Sport and Social Change
LDR 6410Leadership and Organization in Sport3
GST 6102Global Corporate and Social Responsibility4
HSV 6120Social Inequality, Social Change, and Community Building3
LDR 6360Dynamics of Change at the Community and Social Level3
LDR 6427Gender and Diversity in Sport3

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

45 total quarter hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required