Homeland Security, MA

The Master of Arts in Homeland Security is intended to prepare the next generation of emergency managers and homeland security professionals for leadership roles in the public and private sectors. The degree offers a comprehensive program of studies covering core elements of homeland security and emergency management at the graduate level, including management skills, intelligence gathering and analysis, risk management, emergency planning and management, legal issues, technological issues, and social psychology. The master's in homeland security program is designed to develop high-level operational expertise through the application of the above content to the implementation of emergency response protocols as executed in the United States.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Required Courses

HLS 6000Introduction to Homeland Security3
HLS 6010The Unconventional Threat to Homeland Security3
HLS 6020Technology for Homeland Security3
HLS 6030Intelligence for Homeland Security3
HLS 6040Critical Infrastructure: Vulnerability Analysis and Protection3
HLS 6050Multidisciplinary Approaches to Homeland Security3
CMN 6050Crisis Communication3

Elective Courses

Complete two of the following (6-8 quarter hours):
HLS 6035Advanced Intelligence Applications for Homeland Security4
HLS 6983Topics in Homeland Security1-4
CJS 6015Crisis Management3
CJS 6125Issues in National Security3
CJS 6000Management for Security Professionals3
CJS 6010Advanced Principles of Security Management and Threat Assessment3
CJS 6005Legal and Regulatory Issues for Security Management3
CJS 6430Risk Management3
GST 6720Emerging Infectious Diseases and Health Impacts of Social and Environmental Changes4
GST 6300Security and Terrorism4
CMN 6060Negotiation, Mediation, and Facilitation3
CJS 6964Co-op0
INT 6943Integrative Experiential Learning3
CJS 5978Independent Study1-4


Complete one of the following concentrations:

Concentration in Emergency Management
HLS 6070Emergency Management and Geographic Information Systems3
HLS 6060Strategic Planning and Budgeting3
HLS 6080Continuity of Operations and Planning3
GIS 5101Introduction to Geographic Information Systems3
GIS 5102Fundamentals of GIS Analysis3
GIS 6394Crisis Mapping for Humanitarian Action3
Concentration in Organization and Infrastructure Continuity
CJS 6430Risk Management3
HLS 6090Organization and Structural Continuity Planning3
GIS 5101Introduction to Geographic Information Systems3
GIS 5102Fundamentals of GIS Analysis3
ITC 6315Information Security Risk Management3
ITC 6310Information Security Governance3
Concentration in Port Security
Students selecting this concentration are only required to take 4 quarter hours of electives:
HLS 6100Maritime and Port Security 14
HLS 6110Maritime and Port Security 24
HLS 6120Aviation Security 14
HLS 6130Aviation Security 24
HLS 6140Port Security Capstone4

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

45 total quarter hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required