Enterprise Intelligence, MPS

Humankind is on the threshold of a new era—an age of artificial intelligence (AI) as revolutionary in its global impact as the Industrial Revolution. With the proliferation of machine learning and AI across all sectors of the global society, and fields such as financial services, healthcare, and robotics, GEOINT and cybersecurity are already changing as intelligent computers take on once-indispensably human tasks. There is an immediate need for individuals to be knowledgeable in how to manage, analyze, communicate, visualize, and lead in the area of AI by being data, technology, and human literate. The experiential AI curricula includes an introductory core, as well as an advanced core with an end-to-end AI education in the areas of finance, HR, business ventures, and healthcare/pharmaceuticals. The goal is to proactively and thoughtfully prepare students for the evolving technology and the challenges it presents. The curricula framework adopts a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving by combining computer science and analytical skills with functional government and industry expertise, creativity, and leadership with program offerings on-ground and online.

The degree program is distinguished from others by:

  • Focusing on the specific but widespread field of AI that exists within a variety of industries and applications
  • Northeastern faculty experts, who have extensive and proven experience in computer science, analytics, geospatial science, information technology, etc.
  • Courses that focus on providing critical skills in data management, data analysis, data visualization, problem solving, and advanced analytical tools, creating AI-driven decision making in fields like healthcare/pharmaceuticals, finance, HR, and business ventures

The learning outcome of our program focuses on providing students with both technical skills and design expertise:

  • Investigate and identify opportunities to address applications of AI and machine learning in the world to answer or solve an organizational question or problem.
  • Articulate and defend the significance and implications of the intersection of technology and application in the context of AI and machine learning across multiple industries and organizations.
  • Integrate the principles, tools, and methods of AI and machine learning to solve an organizational problem by making informed decisions related to the design and deployment of systems in human environments and work flows within the organization.
  • Develop a formally  proposed solution and/or application, real or hypothetical, to address an AI and machine learning related to privacy and ethical dilemmas that may be complicated by competing political, social, economic, or environmental interests.
  • Apply data management and strategic analysis, problem solving, decision making, effective visualization/communication, and leadership skills to the application or deployment of machine learning and AI technologies and products in a real-world scenario.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Core Requirements

EAI 6000Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence3
EAI 6010Applications of Artificial Intelligence3
ALY 6110Data Management and Big Data3
EAI 6030Usability and Human Interaction3
EAI 6020AI System Technologies3


Complete one of the following concentrations:

Experiential Network and Capstone

INT 6940Experiential Learning Projects for Professionals3
EAI 6980Integrated Experiential Capstone3

Elective Courses

Complete three of the following, or any concentration courses outside of your declared concentration:9
Analytics Systems Technology
Commerce and Economic Development
Introduction to Organizational Communication
Advanced Spatial Analysis
Spatial Databases
Ethical Leadership
Project Scope Management
Project Risk Management
Leading and Managing Technical Projects
Interdisciplinary Foundations

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

45 total quarter hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required


AI for Business Ventures

EDU 6558Issues in Education1-4
ALY 6040Data Mining Applications3
ITC 6015Enterprise Information Architecture3
EAI 6080Advanced Analytical Utilization3
EAI 6120AI Communication and Visualization3

AI for Finance

FIN 6101Accounting Fundamentals for Financial Institutions3,4
ALY 6040Data Mining Applications3
EAI 6050Finance Information Processing3
EAI 6080Advanced Analytical Utilization3
EAI 6120AI Communication and Visualization3

AI for Healthcare

ALY 6150Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Data and Applications3
ALY 6040Data Mining Applications3
EAI 6060Healthcare Information Processing3
EAI 6080Advanced Analytical Utilization3
EAI 6120AI Communication and Visualization3

AI for Human Resources

HRM 6025Workforce Analytics3
ALY 6040Data Mining Applications3
EAI 6070Human Resources Information Processing3
EAI 6080Advanced Analytical Utilization3
EAI 6120AI Communication and Visualization3