Advanced Study In Orthopedics, Graduate Certificate

The Northeastern University Graduate Certificate in Advanced Study of Orthopedics is designed for licensed physical therapists interested in developing advanced skills in orthopedic physical therapy. This program will consist of five courses (18 credits) and be taught 100 percent online. The online design of the program will provide practicing physical therapists the flexibility to adapt to their demanding schedules, save time on travel, and complete the program from the comfort of their homes. The program can be completed in 18 to 36 months with fall, winter, and summer start dates. The online format will foster the development of critical reflective thinking through case studies and discussions focusing on the most current information in orthopedic physical therapy.

Program Objectives

  • Prepare physical therapists to integrate the current research into their orthopedic clinical practice
  • Apply knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics to the evaluation and treatment of the musculoskeletal system
  • Interpret and analyze medical and physical examination findings based on the Patient/Client Management Model
  • Analyze current surgical interventions for the musculoskeletal system as it applies to physical therapy care
  • Provide the student with the knowledge and skills required to sit for the American Physical Therapy Association's Board of Physical Therapy Specialist Orthopaedic clinical specialization examination

Note: Contact Eric Folmar, program director, for further information: or 617.304.9253.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Core Requirements

PTH 6560Patient Management Models and Evidence-Based Practice in Orthopedics2
PTH 6561Evidence-Based Examination and Outcomes for the Cervical-Thoracic Spine and Temporomandibular Joint4
PTH 6562Evidence-Based Examination and Outcomes for Upper Extremity: Shoulder, Elbow, and Hand4
PTH 6563Evidence-Based Examination and Outcomes for Lumbar Spine and Sacroiliac Joint4
PTH 6564Evidence-Based Examination and Outcomes for Lower Extremity: Hip, Knee, Foot, and Ankle4

An optional two-and-a-half-day hands-on lab that will include components of each of the courses (upper extremity, lower extremity, spine) will be offered each spring. People enrolled in the program will have the option to take the hands-on labs for an extra fee.

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

18 total quarter hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required