Degrees, Majors, and Concentrations

Change of Major/Program of Study

A graduate (nondoctoral) student matriculated in a certificate/degree program who would like to enroll in a different graduate program, after consulting with their career and academic coach, must apply to the intended program by submitting the Change of Major form.

Previously awarded transfer credit awards are subject to change as a result of a program change. Students on financial aid or an international student visa are responsible for understanding the impact that results from a program change.

Doctoral students must consult with their program director or designee.

Declare a Concentration

Graduate and doctoral students matriculated in a degree program that offers concentrations must declare one concentration. This can be done at the time of application to the program as part of the admissions process. Students also may complete the appropriate form in consultation with their career and academic coach or academic program designee. Students who wish to pursue a customized specialization must seek prior approval from the academic program director.

Only university-approved concentrations are noted on students’ official academic records. If a student pursues a customized specialization, no concentration will be noted on his or her official academic transcript.

Students must declare a concentration by the beginning of their last term of enrollment for degree completion.

Academic Internship and Cooperative Education

An academic internship or cooperative education placement is an opportunity for students to engage in a short-term workplace experience that is relevant to their academic course of study. The College of Professional Studies’ Department of Cooperative Education makes every effort to work with students to identify experiential learning opportunities of three to six months to facilitate career exploration and transition. This program is an optional component of most degree programs. Students must qualify to participate. Review the website for guidelines, academic requirements, and opportunities.