Academic Resources

Interactive Academic Integrity Checklist (IAIC)

The Interactive Academic Integrity Checklist (IAIC) is a Flash-based tool students can use before they turn in every assignment to ensure that they have not accidentally committed any of the most common violations of the academic integrity policy. Additionally, the IAIC contains links to examples of APA- and MLA-style formatting. See the version for desktop internet browsers or the version for mobile devices.

Global Student Success

10 Belvedere

Global Student Success is committed to supporting the success of international students at Northeastern University through cross-cultural, linguistic, and academic support services. We also partner with faculty, staff, and administrators to integrate global dimensions and cross-cultural understanding into the Northeastern experience.

International Tutoring Center

Basement of Snell Library

Tutors provide high-quality ESL writing instruction and tutoring for international students who need assistance with papers, assignments, TOEFL writing, and research projects. Students can meet one-on-one with an ESL tutor for 50-minute appointments. This is a free service for Northeastern international students.


Smarthinking is a free online tutoring service accessed through the student’s Blackboard account for College of Professional Studies students.

Online tutoring sessions can be synchronous or asynchronous. Many different subjects such as writing, reading, basic math through multivariate calculus, business, biology, chemistry, and physics are available.