Women, Gender, Sexuality, and the Law, Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender, Sexuality, and the Law, open to all JD students, gives students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and develop their expertise in the area of women, gender, sexuality, and the law.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Required LAW Courses

Take at least two courses totaling at least 6 credits from the following list:

LAW 7488Sexuality, Gender, and the Law3
LAW 7588Reproductive and Sexual Rights and Health3
LAW 7679Race and the Law3
LAW 7410Domestic Violence Clinic6
LAW 7651Human Rights in the United States3
LAW 7602Bioproperty3

Required Non-LAW Courses

Take at least two courses totaling at least 6 credits from the following list:

CRIM 7210Gender, Crime, and Justice4
ECON 5292Gender and Development Economics4
SOCL 7100Queer Theory: Sexualities, Genders, Politics4
SOCL 7225Gender and Social Movements4
SOCL 7265Sociology of Gender4
SOCL 7273Gender and Social Policy4
SOCL 7287Social Movements in Health4
WMNS 5240Feminist Resistance4
WMNS 6100Theorizing Gender and Sexuality4
WMNS 7100Queer Theory: Sexualities, Genders, Politics4
WMNS 7615Feminist Inquiry4
WMNS 7635Understanding the Pornographic and the Obscene4

Additional Requirements

Co-op Requirement: Students must complete at least one co-op related to the certificate topic.

Writing Requirement: Students must complete a piece of substantial writing that meets the requirements of the JD upper-level rigorous writing requirement and that has a clear connection to the certificate topic.

For additional information on requirements associated with this certificate, please consult the JD program's Student Information Handbook.

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

12 total credit hours required, including at least 6 credits of LAW courses and at least 6 credits of non-LAW courses.

Students must receive a passing grade in all courses and satisfactorily complete all other requirements.