Pharmaceutical Sciences, PhD

Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems

Students studying pharmaceutics and drug delivery will be thoroughly exposed to the fundamentals of physical pharmacy and pharmaceutics in addition to being trained in several more specialized areas such as:

  • Novel drug delivery systems
  • Nanomedical technologies
  • Physical pharmacy
  • Biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics

With exposure to these various facets of pharmaceutics, successful graduates are poised to understand and assimilate the field of modern pharmaceutics. A PhD degree in pharmaceutics is a research degree. While course work plays an important role, students become a real participant in the science of pharmaceutics in the laboratory. Faculty research covers a broad range of scientific interests, including pharmacokinetic toxicodynamics of anticancer agents, use of biomaterials and synthetic polymeric systems in design of drug delivery systems, passive and active targeting of therapeutic agents, cardiovascular targeting of drugs, novel delivery systems for proteins and peptides, and mathematical modeling of endogenous compounds.

Interdisciplinary Option

The interdisciplinary option is intended to meet the needs of students interested in combining courses and skills from two areas of specialization. At least one of the specialization areas must come from within the college. The second area may come from a department in another college at Northeastern University, such as biology, chemistry, or engineering. Students electing the interdisciplinary option must fulfill the same requirements as all other PhD candidates.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.


Qualifying examination
Annual review
Dissertation committee
Dissertation proposal
Dissertation defense

Core Requirements

A grade of C– or higher is required in each course.

Complete the following (repeatable) course twice:2
Pharmaceutical Science Seminar
PHSC 6810Pharmaceutical Science Colloquium1
Required Core
Complete 13–18 semester hours from the following:13-18
Concepts in Pharmaceutical Science
Concepts in Pharmaceutical Science 2
Pharmaceutical Biochemistry
Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory
Cellular Physiology
Research Skills and Ethics
Ethics in Biological Research
Experimental Design and Biostatistics
Human Physiology and Pathophysiology
PMST 6250Advanced Physical Pharmacy2
PMST 6252Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism3
PMST 6254Advanced Drug Delivery System3


Complete 7–12 semester hours from the following subject areas: 7-12

Research and Dissertation

Qualifying Examination
PHSC 8940Doctoral Training and Research1
Proposal Preparation
PHSC 9681Doctoral Proposal2
Complete the following (repeatable) course twice:6

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

45 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required