Financial Awards

Northeastern University and the Bouvé College of Health Sciences offer a variety of financial awards to graduate students. For further information about awards, please refer to the "Financial Aid Assistance" section of the Graduate Catalog and the Student Financial Services website

If a student is offered other grant aid from the university, he or she will only receive the scholarship of higher value.

Stipended Graduate Assistantships (SGAs)

These awards include Research Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships. They provide a stipend and a tuition waiver for up to a maximum of 12 semester hours per term, in exchange for 20 hours of work per week. The maximum number of hours SGAs are permitted to work is 20 hours per week. Students are expected to work through the final exam period, including spring break. Any variation from this schedule is at the discretion of the student’s supervisor.

SGAs are generally awarded to PhD students. SGAs must be enrolled in full-time course work (minimum of 6 semester hours per term). In addition, 100 percent of the student’s health insurance will be covered. No fees, including student center fees, are covered by this award.

Graduate Student Scholarships (GSSs)

A limited number of scholarships, up to 9 tuition credits per term, are available for full-time students. These scholarships are awarded by the individual department/school.

Dean’s Scholarships

Graduate Dean’s Scholarships are awarded to incoming professional master’s degree students based on academic achievement. To be eligible for consideration, a student must be in the top one-third of their program’s incoming class.

This scholarship provides full-time graduate students with 33 percent of tuition per term to a maximum of 12 credits per term and part-time graduate students with 25 percent of tuition per term.

Yellow Ribbon Awards

Qualifying veterans who enroll at Northeastern will receive grant aid that covers most to all of Northeastern's tuition and fee charges, depending on the selected degree program. Northeastern and the Department of Veterans Affairs cover most to all of the expenses that exceed the cost of attending the University of Massachusetts. Allowances for housing, books, and supplies are included. Learn more.

Double Husky Awards

The Double Husky Scholarship, available to alumni who have graduated with a Northeastern University degree, provides a tuition discount of up to 25 percent on eligible graduate degree or certificate programs. Students completing pass-through degrees—such as direct entry nursing, freshman-entry Doctor of Education, or freshman-entry Doctor of Physical Therapy—or a PlusOne accelerated master’s program, do not qualify for the Double Husky Scholarship. Learn more about the Double Husky Scholarship and eligible programs.

Parent and Family Scholarship

Available to parents and siblings of full-time undergraduate day students, the Parent and Family Scholarship provides a tuition discount of 25 percent on more than 110 eligible graduate programs. Learn more.

Diversity Fellowship

Each year a limited number of fellowships are awarded to graduate students in an effort to help the university achieve a more diverse graduate student body. A variety of factors may be used for the purpose of increasing diversity at the university, including gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other protected classification consistent with the university nondiscrimination policy.

These awards are recommended by the student’s college or academic department. They provide tuition support only and there is no work requirement associated with them.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Graduate Fellowship

The MLK, Jr. Graduate Fellowships are administered through the African-American Institute. These awards are offered annually to African-American students in full-time graduate programs as long as the student demonstrates satisfactory academic progress and financial need as determined by Student Financial Services. Applicants must complete the financial aid process, as well as an application available from the African-American Institute. Learn more.