Student Refunds

Refund Policies

Inquiries about credit balances should be directed to Student Accounts. Refund requests for credit balances are made via the "Services & Links" section on the student’s myNortheastern portal. Credit balances will be refunded to the student, unless otherwise directed by the student or the bill payer. 

Note the following exception: If the credit in your account is due to a Parent Plus/Alternative Loan and/or payment plan payment(s), the credit balance will be refunded to the bill payer on record unless a Refund Authorization Form stating that funds may be released directly to the student, is received from that borrower. If a credit stems from an overpayment with a credit card, the refund must be returned to the credit card that was used.

Official Withdrawal Adjustments

Students who officially withdraw, either from a course or from the university, during an academic term will receive a tuition refund based on the policy specified below. Institutional funds awarded by Northeastern University will be adjusted based on the actual charges incurred during the semester. Funds from federal Title IV programs will be returned to the government according to federal regulations. The federal government Return of Funds Policy dictates that a student’s eligibility for federal financial aid is determined by the number of days enrolled during the semester. The refund will be calculated from the day the student submits an official notification of withdrawal to the Office of the University Registrar.

Tuition credits are granted through the first five weeks of a semester or first four weeks of a half-semester, based on the date of the official withdrawal processed by the Office of the University Registrar. Nonattendance does not constitute official withdrawal. Credit policies vary according to the duration of the course. Typical tuition adjustments are made according to the following schedule. (The end of week three corresponds with the last day to drop a class without a W grade.)

During Full Semester

During weeks one through three—100% refund
During the fourth week—60% refund
During the fifth week—40% refund
After the fifth week—no refund

Summer Half Semesters and Courses Offered in Part-of-Term Format

During weeks one through two—100% refund
During the third week—50% refund
During the fourth week—25% refund
After the fourth week—no refund

Leave of Absence Tuition and Fee Adjustments

Leaves are granted when a student cannot complete the current academic period for health or personal reasons but is confident that he or she will reenroll (additional information about leaves of absence). Northeastern’s medical and emergency leave policy states that all tuition paid for such periods of leave will be held by the university and applied to future charges. If you choose not to return to the university for any reason, there will be no refund of tuition paid. Outstanding balances (including unpaid balances) for the academic semester in which the leave is taken are still due to the university during that semester.

Financial aid recipients should contact the Office of Student Financial Services to understand the effects on aid received. Medical leave information is available at the University Health and Counseling Services website. Students who take a leave of absence should be aware that more than six months on leave will cause many student loans to go into repayment.

Disability Resource Center Tuition Adjustments

Students who are registered with Northeastern University’s Disability Resource Center and are approved for reduced course loads may be eligible to petition the center for tuition adjustments directly related to their documented disability. Further information is available from the DRC.

State, Province, and Country-Specific Refund Policies

For state, province, and country-specific refund information, visit the Student Financial Services website